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By: Live Queenstown  05-Apr-2012

Source: ehow

Here are the top 7 Secrets You Can Use to Help You Overcome Rejection.

1. Don’t take it personally. First and foremost remember that it isn’t personal. Think about when you say no to something. It’s rarely about the individual that’s presenting it. It’s usually bigger than that. Don’t let a simple “no” ruin your day. When you hear “no” think “I’m one step closer to YES!”

2. NEXT! That’s right – it’s a numbers game. Just keep plugging along and think “Next.” When you’re talking to sellers you aren’t going to get an appointment with everyone. In fact, we know that through direct marketing, on average, for every 30 calls you get you will get 10 qualified leads. Out of those 10 leads you will get 1 deal. That means that you’re going to talk to 29 people that you aren’t going to do a deal with. You could dwell on the 29 non deals are you could focus on the fact that you’re 1/29 of the way to another PAYCHECK!

3. Know Your Facts. Oftentimes rejection isn’t rejection at all. It’s a request for more information. It’s your prospect saying, “I don’t have enough information to make a decision right now, I need to know more.” If you’re talking to a detail oriented person they are going to want to know facts, figures, statistics. The whole who, what, why, where and how of it. If you don’t give them enough DATA they won’t make a decision.

4. Ask Questions. Many times “rejection” comes because we haven’t filled the need. If you’re too focused on saying what you want to say instead of fulfilling the needs of your prospect then you’re missing the boat. Ask questions of your prospect to determine what their needs are, then let them know how you can fill those needs and what benefits they will receive. Remember, it’s not about what you want to say, it’s about fulfilling their needs.

5. Keep Positive. It’s easy to feel something slipping away and have your attitude slide downhill. Keep it in check. Keep upbeat during your meeting and your enthusiasm may become catchy. Handling things in a professional and postive manner can keep you on the forefront of your prospects mind if their situation changes. It’s not uncommon for investors to get 30-40% of their deals from follow up. Leaving things on a positive note can help those numbers to increase.

6. Build Rapport. Find things that you have in common (hobbies, kids, geography). Talk about those things and establish a rapport with this person. It’s much harder for people to reject you if they really like you and feel connected to you. Having rapport won’t make someone do business with you that doesn’t have a need for your services, but if it comes down to you and another option, they’ll choose the person they know, like and trust.

7. Analyze and Improve. Everyone can improve their presentation skills. When you leave a meeting take your driving time to think through what you could have done differently. Did you establish rapport? What key “needs” did the prospect have and did you answer how you could meet those? Learn from each deal and make mental notes for next time.

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