Get Online

By: Liquidweb  05-Apr-2012

Online shopping site with a very large feature list - get online and get selling!

A decent simple site which forms the base for all our other sites - start small and work your way to greatness!

Need a back-end that's managed and supported, but want to do all the hard work yourself? Check out our options for DIY websites (using a DNN back-end).

Show it all off with a gallery of your work.  Great for everything from organising your holiday snaps through to showcasing events or services.

Whether you are a school, community group, club, interest group or social networking, the interactive community website helps you connect and interact with your people.

If your website is stuck up the boohai shooting pukekos with a long-handled shovel, you need ReHosting.  Whether your web geek did a runner to the Bahamas, or your current hosting service bites, we can help.

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Ecommerce Website

2000There are lots of things that can change the price of your cart, like what bank you are with and what features you need or the design you would like. We work with our clients every step of the way to make sure there are no hidden costs, and to make it as simple as possible. Products that have colour or size variations. Differing shipping costs depending on region. Shopping cart, including payment connector.


What is a DIY website

Do you have all the know how and the tools, and just need a basic starter kit and a place to begin. Do you want a clean slate to design your own creation from the ground up.