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By: Lindsay Cook  05-Apr-2012

Jeanette Garrett has an holistic approach to improving and developing the relationship between horse and human. Aimed to give you the ‘feel good’ factor about yourself and your horse!
When working with Jeanette you will have a supported learning journey for you and your horse enabling you to understand and discover your own solutions and autonomy to progress with training goals.

Careful time in the early stages requires time to assess – this is a three way dynamic between horse, rider/handler and coach. People may find this markedly different if they have been used to a strong ‘coach directed/controlled’ lesson format i.e. when the coach controls the lesson direction.
Other ways that training with Jeanette could be seen as different – riders are given feedback on a short period of work and then have time and their own space to try out this feedback and ‘feel’ the possibilities this could open up for them – a freedom to try out a new way of doing things with the coach still present to answer further questions and give explanations.

This can be a valuable tool – in fact Jeanette talks about building up a ‘tool kit’ that you carry with you when you school so that when you work the horse at home on your own you have resources/ideas to select and apply for a better feel and way of going for the horse. In discussion Jeanette will encourage you to prioritize key areas of work in logical steps always with the sights set on the next level.

Equine Positive Learning (EPL) is an equine-based company providing multiple services and products to equestrians and coaches nationwide in New Zealand and overseas.
This company provides coaching, mentoring, online and distance learning resources. It aims to enable you to create and achieve the goals you set for yourself and your horse by gaining improved confidence and understanding of your horse and European training methods. With this comes increased motivation that will get great results, with autonomy and ‘tools’ to continue to develop and ‘grow’ your skills.

Jeanette Garrett BHSI and Equestrian Sport New Zealand Performance Coach and ‘Coach Educator’ is the principal of the company, she is an internationally qualified coach and assessor, with vast competitive riding and training experience in Europe and the UK. Her accolades include qualifying horses for Badminton and competing at Goodwood, appointment as a chief examiner for the British Horse Society, and operating several competition yards and riding schools in the UK.
Jeanette has extensive personal experience, internationally recognized qualifications and professional training expertise and is able to assist riders and coaches in the following disciplines: *Dressage *Showjumping * Cross Country *Equestrian Coaching *Horse Care and Management

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