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By: Linda Sands  05-Apr-2012

You're a Genius!
A resource manual for students

This book is a self-help resource manual for Chinese students. It is written in English by Linda Sands with Chinese translation by Kirsten Yang

Based on leading edge research, this book includes tools and strategies that integrate NLP, super memory technology, multiple intelligences, brain gym, visualisation, goal setting, nutrition, time management, inspiring stories and more.

Linda and Kirsten researched the kind of skills students thought they would benefit from the most. Students said they wanted help with all aspects of the learning process, including ways to improve memory, boost confidence, deal with pressure, prepare well for exams and increase their energy.

Although You're a Genius! can definitely help you with strategies for improving your results in exams, it has been designed to do much more than that.

You're a Genius! is also for finding out more about who you are, including

  • what excites and inspires you
  • what your personal, unique learning style is
  • creating how you want your future to be
  • adjustments you need to make to get the results you want

Price: $40.00 plus postage & packaging

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012