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By: Lima Corporate  05-Apr-2012

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THE MULTIGEN PLUS TOTAL KNEE SYSTEMThe Lima MULTIGEN PLUS Total Knee System provides surgeons with one complete system to meet the needs of today’s patients whilst offering simple, intuitive advantages.
Moving from primary to revision, fixed to mobile, cemented to cementless, or dealing with complex cases is straightforward, even intra-operatively. This flexible, versatile system includes a ceramic option for your high demand, active patients, ensuring low wear in the longer term.
High conformity between the articulating surfaces in the patello-femoral and tibio-femoral joint spaces ensures excellent function, low wear and long term clinical success. A proven system with over 25,000 implantations to date and 12 years clinical follow-up.PRECISE FIT
Through anthropometric studies, the MULTIGEN PLUS Total Knee System range ensures precise fit in both the AP and ML planes in both male and female patients.
Industry standard EtO sterilised polyethylene ensures low wear and successful long term outcomes.
Further wear reduction for high demand, active patients can further be enhanced when combined with the ceramic femur.
The MULTIGEN PLUS Total Knee System instrument kit reflects Lima’s investment in R&D, providing surgeons with simple, intuitive surgical techniques which allow for modern, reduced incisions. THE UNIQUE BIOLOX® DELTA CERAMIC KNEE
Metal hypersensitivity affects between 10 and 15 % of the general population1 and this number is constantly growing.
Our MULTIGEN PLUS Ceramic Knee allows these patients to receive a successful knee replacement.


  • Common bone cuts, primary to hinge revision

  • Fixed and mobile bearing options

  • Cemented or cementless designs

  • Ceramic femoral component option

The multi-radius femoral component is anatomically shaped and incorporates a 5° flaring on the anterior flange for a precise fit designed to eliminate the risk of femoral notching.The deep intercondylar groove of the femoral component assists patella alignment, tracking and function, and reduces the risk of post-operative patello-femoral pain.
The MULTIGEN PLUS Total Knee System tibial tray incorporates a 6° posterior slope, to improve quadriceps function and improve patient mobility following TKA2.ADVANCED INSTRUMENTATION

  • Precision designed

  • Compact instrumentation layout

  • Intuitive primary through to revision techniques

  • Smaller soft tissue friendly cutting blocks

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