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Friday 23rd March

Chrome wins browser battle with IE

Google's Chrome web browser overtook Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) to become market leader globally for the first time last Sunday, web analytics firm StatCounter said on Wednesday.

"While it is only one day, this is a milestone," said Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter's chief executive.

"At weekends, when people are free to choose what browser to use, many of them are selecting Chrome in preference to IE."

On March 18, Chrome was used for 32.7 per cent of all browsing, while Explorer had 32.5 per cent share. When people returned to their offices on Monday, the IE share rose to 35 per cent and Chrome's share slipped to 30 per cent.

"Whether Chrome can take the lead in the browser wars in the long term remains to be seen, however the trend towards Chrome usage at weekends is undeniable," Cullen said.

On a monthly basis, Chrome's market share has surged to 31 per cent so far in March from 17 per cent a year ago, while Explorer has slipped to 35 per cent from 45 per cent a year earlier.

Thursday 1st March

Microsoft opens Windows 8 for testing

Windows 8, as the first Microsoft operating system compatible with low-power microprocessors designed by ARM Holdings Plc, will run on tablets as well as desktops and laptops, in an effort to counter the runaway success of Apple's iPad.

"It's an even better Windows than Windows 7," said Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft's flagship Windows unit, as he demonstrated the new system at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Windows 7, Microsoft's last operating system, was its fastest-selling ever, racking up 525 million sales in less than three years.

"It's incredibly fast and fluid to just navigate this UI (user interface)", said Sinofsky, showing off Windows 8 on a tablet and an ultra-thin laptop at the event in Barcelona.

Sinofsky said people from 70 countries had already downloaded the software on Wednesday morning, but he did not give exact numbers.

Monday 20th February

Nano-transistor breakthrough to offer billion times faster computer

SYDNEY scientists have built the world's tiniest transistor by precisely positioning a single phosphorus atom in a silicon crystal.

The nano device is an important step in the development of quantum computers – super-powerful devices that will use the weird quantum properties of atoms to perform calculations billions of times faster than today's computers.

Michelle Simmons, of the University of NSW, said single atom devices had only been made before by chance and their margin of error for placement of the atom was about 10 nanometres, which affected performance.

Her team was the first to be able to manipulate individual atoms with "exquisite precision".

Using a technique involving a scanning tunnelling microscope, they were able to replace one silicon atom from a group of six with one phosphorus atom, achieving a placement accuracy of better than half a nanometre. "This device is perfect," Professor Simmons, director of the Australian Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology, said.

Friday 17th February

Man sues Twitter over hate blog

Joshua Meggitt, a Melbourne man wrongly named by writer and TV identity Marieke Hardy as the author of a hate blog dedicated to her, is now suing Twitter Inc itself.

Meggitt's lawyer, Stuart Gibson, served a legal notice yesterday on the San Francisco-based social media giant, a company valued last year at US$7 billion ($8.4 billion), as the publisher of a tweet by Hardy last November.

Her tweet read: ''I name and shame my 'anonymous' internet bully. Liberating business! Join me,'' with a link to her blog, where she incorrectly named Meggitt as the author of ''ranting, hateful'' articles about her.

It was a tweet seen around the world, and now that Hardy has already reached a confidential legal settlement with Meggitt, believed to be about A$15,000 ($19,000), and published an apology on her blog, his lawyers are seeking damages from the social media site where the original defamation had the greatest exposure.

Thursday 19th January

Wikipedia offline in protest

DARK NIGHT: Wikipedia has blacked out its English-language site for 24 hours to seek support against proposed US anti-piracy legislation that founder Jimmy Wales says threatens the future of the internet.

The internet blackout to protest against proposed US legislation on online piracy has failed to get the support of the biggest web players.

The situation shows that, while technology companies are concerned about the legislation, the United States House of Representative's Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate's Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA), the companies are not prepared to sacrifice a day's worth of revenue and risk the ire of users for a protest whose impact on lawmakers is hard to gauge.

Wikipedia and Reddit will black out their pages so visitors will see only information about SOPA and PIPA.

Of the biggest tech sites that have voiced opposition to the legislation, only Google is planning any type of change to its site. It too will have information about the bills, although users will still be able to conduct Google searches.

'Skynet' notices lack mandatory details

Efforts by the music industry to crack down on internet piracy have suffered a setback after it emerged that some copyright infringement notices issued to internet users under the controversial "Skynet" law may not be worth the paper they are written on.

The law gives the Copyright Tribunal the power to fine internet pirates up to $15,000 after they have received three written warnings.

The legislation stipulates warnings must set out the time each infringement occurred, down to the second, and name the file-sharing application or network used to pirate the work, as well describe the nature of the work and type of breach alleged to have occurred.

None of that information was included in the notice issued by Orcon.

Sunday 1st January

Stephen Hawking seeks geek's voice

The famed British physicist is seeking an assistant to help develop and maintain the electronic speech system that allows him to communicate his vision of the universe.

An informal job ad posted to the famed physicist's website said the assistant should be computer literate, ready to travel, and able to repair electronic devices "with no instruction manual or technical support."

Hawking has long struggled against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a disease which left him almost completely paralyzed.

Friday 2nd December

This weekend you can



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It's all unmetered, so whatever data you use is free. It's our first-ever Free Broadband Weekend for all of our home broadband customers.

It starts at 6pm Friday December 2 and goes right through until midnight Sunday December 4.


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