Pestrol Insect Control, Get rid of flies ants mosquitoes automatically

By: Lifestyle Logic  06-Dec-2011
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It works
Pestrol the insect control system you can trust and it really works. Effective on all insects including flies, mosquitoes, fleas, ants, cockroaches, moths, silverfish, borer, dust-mites. The pyrethrins naturally repel and kill insects.It's Easy
It's so easy to use. Place it on a shelf or on the wall bracket provided, switch on. The automatic dispenser will then mist automatically every 5 minutes. Battery operated. Fully portable, take it anywhere.It's Safe
Pyrethrins are safe for people and pets. Pestol is a continuous automatic insect killer based on natural pyrethrums. You can even leave your doors and windows open. Keep your area free of insects. They quickly bio-degrade in sunlight and leave no residues. Ozone safe.It's Affordable
The price includes the electronic dispenser and the first aerosol can which will last about 6 weeks. Economical replacement cans are always available.- The US Department of Agriculture states that Pyrethrin is the safest insect control product available.
- 30 day money back guarantee so you can buy with confidence.
- 1 Year Warranty.
- Only one dispenser is all that is required for a typical home (150m2 / 1,500 sq ft).
- 1 x Refill will last you approximately 4-6 weeks if the unit is left on continously.
- Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan / Innovair Dispensers.
- Pestrol Regular refills includes Natural Pyrethrins.
- Other refills can often include cheaper synthetic pyrethrins and prytheroids.
- Pestrol Regular can be set to disperse every 5 or 7 minutes only.
- Pestrol refills are available to fit Robocan, Innovair, Ecomist and Xpra dispensers
- Pestrol Regular Refills will also fit Robocan/Innovair, Slimline fit Ecomist and Chubby fit Xpra and Sentinel dispensers

Pestrol Outdoor Insect control                                                     

  PestrolPpPm,xknvbvP Pestrol Outdoor products provide you with a range of alternatives to meet your external pest control needs.
PESTROL OUTDOOR EXTERMINATOR - ideal for all flying insects - including Sandflies - Mosquitoes - Midges and moths. Mosquito control at its best.
PESTROL OUTDOOR DOMINATOR - Industrial use covers up to 2 acres!All our products come with our 30 day - buy with confidence - money back guarantee.  

Keywords: Insect Control

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Pestrol Automatic Indoor Insect Control

Customers have been using our products for over 10 years both in New Zealand and Australia..Avoid disappointment and make sure you only buy Pestrol refills. With 100% natural Pyrethrins and Pestrol refill cans available for most dispensers including Robocan, Innovair, Raid, Ecomist and Xpra. The Pestrol formula is different to any other products on the market and is made especially for New Zealand conditions.


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