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By: Lifesocks  05-Apr-2012
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The New Zealand Sock Company is celebrating the arrival of new sock making machines which will be more efficient and make socks more comfortable. Company CEO Euan Sparrow is looking forward to the greater capacity of production the machines will bring. "It is quite a significant investment for us.. we are quite excited that we continually grow in Ashburton."

Mr Sparrow said they are hoping to be manufacturing socks 24 hours, seven days a week as well as taking on at least four new staff members.

He  said it was exciting to be getting more high tech machinery which will make sock making more automated. The four machines which arrived last Friday will be used to make a range of rugged rural and outdoor socks which will incorporate thicker yarn.

The second hand Sangiacomo machines, imported from the United States cost around $60,000 each, but are more automated incorporating ovelocking work which would normally be done manually.

Head technician Tony Jessep has been working hard this week to calibrate the machines and said they have very little “mileage” on them for the work they have done over the last 12 months.

"Nifty footwork helps All Black suppliers sock it to them!"

The All Blacks have sent out and SOS call in the middle of their Rugby World Cup campaign. While in Australia, the All Blacks have found themselves in short supply of a vital part of their playing strip - socks!

New Zealand Sock Company manager, Euan Sparrow said his company received the call this week. And were given 24 hours to produce the socks so that they could get shipped to Australia in time for the All Blacks final pool match against Wales.

Mr Sparrow said the team "must be eating" the socks because his company had already provided the side with more than 300 pairs of match and training socks.

He said it was an honour for the company to be providing part of the team playing strip.

"It's not huge business but it's a bit of a buzz when you see them run onto the field wearing our socks"

The machines also make toe stitching obsolete therefore making socks more comfortable, by reducing friction which cause blisters and abrasions.

New Zealand Sock Company brand manager Gabrielle Sparrow said the company’s goal was to add value to New Zealand wool for domestic and off shore markets such as Japan which is becoming more aware of the benefits of wool as opposed to synthetic material.

Two other brand new Sangiacomo machines are on their way direct from the Sangiacomo factory based in Italy and cost upwards of $80,000.

Ms Sparrow said the two machines will be used for making socks from finer wool and will be a welcome addition to the factory which exclusively uses Italian Sangiacomo machines.
Ms Sparrow said two the machines are expected to arrive within a fortnight

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