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By: Life After Pain  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Chronic Pain

In my work with people in chronic pain, I see people every day with muscle pain that’s been plaguing them for months, or even years.

For many people, the answer lies in a little known body of knowledge – one which provides pain relief in as little as 90 seconds.

There is one major factor that causes muscle pain to keep coming back. It’s not obvious, but fixing this could be the key to getting rid of muscle pain for good – and getting your life back

It turns out that changing what you eat – and when you eat it – can do a LOT to reduce chronic muscle pain and trigger points. Find out some simple things you can eat – and stop eating – to reduce muscle pain and inflammation in your body.

In this course you’ll find out how to control the emotional keys to pain and how to ´trick´your body into under-reacting to pain – and slowly turning down the pain dial.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain that is difficult to diagnose or not responding finding to conventional, or even alternative cures then this could be well worth a look.

167 pages of trigger point charts in downloadable format. Detailed diagrams of muscular structure with the trigger point locations and their pain distribution patterns. A very useful tool for treating trigger points – on yourself or others.

Keywords: Chronic Pain