By: Lexington Luxury Builders  06-Dec-2011

Anything Washington can do, we can do better. It's the American way. So during trying economic times, we've established our own Economic Stimulus Plan. Only this one is better for you and it won't cost the country a trillion dollars. For a limited time, Lexington Luxury Builders has lowered prices across the board, on all of our green built luxury homes.We have cut the prices for our brand new townhomes in Plano at ,  $50,000 off the price, $6,000 in tax credits and mortgage rates below 5%. We told you our economic stimulus plan was better. Don't miss these deals, they're only available for a limited time.

The Gallery above are but a few of the or to learn more about the we have made available for some of our Dallas area new homes and about the we have available. You may also contact at 214-369-4900 to explore any of our extraordinary ownership opportunities.Contact Scott Schaefer at Lexington Luxury Builders to explore these extraordinary ownership opportunities before they pass you bye. Available for a limited time only. Please also take a look at the homes we have

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