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By: Learning  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Productivity, Labor Productivity

    Absenteeism Kills Productivity Absenteeism is a productivity killer.  No matter how good the person is when they are at work, their overall productivity can never reach 100%.  Unfortunately, where we have a competent member of staff, we tend to excuse their lack of attendance. Unplanned absences cause a lot of problems to the employer.  Firstly, the person is absent.  Secondly, someone has to pick up the work.  Thirdly, the people that do turn up to work become r…

    Coaching for Labor Productivity One of the most valuable aspects of leadership is coaching.  It can be the catalyst to dramatically lift labor productivity.  The objective is to help people to lift their personal productivity through guided practice.  It requires a plan, patience, an understanding of human behaviour, well developed listening skills, consistency and a sense of humour. Managers and supervisors who have been promoted from the workforce and who had developed l…

A Barrier to Productivity Improvement One of the biggest barriers to productivity improvement, is the number and length of interruptions that take place daily.  Interruptions may include phone calls, interruptions by colleagues or staff, a lost file or tool and so on.  The difficulty with interruptions is that some of them are necessary and some of them are not.  Separating them out can be difficult. Every time we are interrupted, it takes us between 20 to 30 minutes to get back to the lev…

  A Guide to Setting Productivity Objectives Setting effective productivity objectives with a team is the starting point for success.  It is very important that the productivity objectives set are formulated with the people who are going to do the work.  Very often, the objectives set and then prescribed to the people doing the work with predictable results. As a result of being left out of the productivity objective setting process, the staff may work hard to ensure that it will not be ac…

          A forgotten way of increasing productivity  Discretionary effort.  This is the extra capacity we all have.  Its called discretionary effort because we have the discretionary right to use it.  We have the choice of using it or not using it.  When we have a hobby or subject for which we have a passion , how much discretionary effort do we put into it?   Compare the discretionary effort you put into your hobby versus your work.  …

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Keywords: Labor Productivity, Productivity,

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