3D Model Solutions for Mining Geologists

By: Leapfrog Mining  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Modelling, Geologists, Lithology

Project Evaluation..

Initial geological models can be generated rapidly and easily for efficient assessment of mineralisation to help determine the potential project value. Leapfrog's implicit modelling approach facilitates accelerated processing of data, enabling geologists to focus on the identification of trends leading to exploration and evaluation targets. Users can improve their sense of the mineralisation, distribution, shape, direction and connections from the initial model. Features, like the unique 'x-ray' function help to interpret the structure of high grade zones within the full data set, even within the densest areas of data. Ideal for validating data from a large variety of sources, Leapfrog can highlight information that may otherwise be missed.

Visualisation and Interpretation..

Leapfrog's graphics are considered to be the best in the industry. Combine maps, cross-sections, wireframes, polylines, points, drillholes, and now GIS data into a graphically superior environment to create a realistic, consistent and reliable 3D interpretation of your site. Combining this with tools like the flexible slicing option and real transparency make Leapfrog a valuable tool for quickly creating a good understanding of the geology.


Leapfrog lets you define domains from any surface (e.g. faults, beds), either internally created or imported. In turn, a domain can be used to constrain grade models by only incorporating points that are inside the domain. This enables users to define the region of interest, particularly useful when working with large datasets.

Grade Modelling..

Leapfrog's first class grade modelling helps highlight structural controls, elements that are often missed when interpreting in section. Leapfrog semi-automatically generates geological wireframes from drill-hole data within a matter of hours enabling geologists to test a variety of geological scenarios in rapid succession all from the raw data. Leapfrog's structural fitter goes beyond simple global trends by allowing geologists to apply user-defined (local) trend surfaces (including cross cutting trends!) to the interpolation of grade, bending grade contours with the trend surface.

Lithological Modelling..

Using a unique 3D interpolation engine, Leapfrog can create a full, interlocking 3D lithology model directly from drillhole codes, while preserving the cross cutting relationship between the various lithologies. Leapfrog groups lithological codes with visual feedback to effectively model lithological units.

Laminar Modelling..

Using Leapfrog's interval selection tools in combination with an advanced 'vein' modelling workflow allows modelling of complex (e.g. folded) veins, dykes and individual strata naturally and with ease directly from your drill logs.


Leapfrog minimizes the need for digitisation. However, in those cases where digitisation is needed, Leapfrog provides powerful 3D drawing tools (polylines and structural measurements) to digitise traces and field measurements as points, lines, Bezier curves or surfaces, directly from maps, photos or cross-sections. These polylines and structural measurements can be used as input for fault or bedding surfaces, trend surfaces, and constraints. Digitised points can also be merged with raw data to add further interpretation to the model.

Communicating Results..

The Leapfrog Viewer allows users to easily share scene files for presentation and communication of modelling results and projects. Scene files are produced within Leapfrog and are exported to the free Leapfrog Viewer, which makes it an ideal way to communicate what cannot otherwise be easily understood other than in a true 3D environment, especially for those who may not have a geological background. Alternatively, the same scenes that can be exported to the Viewer can be used in a storyboard to create Leapfrog movies. Use the Leapfrog Viewer to showcase your modelling results to stakeholders, in company presentations or at trade shows and events.

..Rapid, Flexible, Dynamic 3D Modelling

Leapfrog provides a rapid solution to time-critical geological modelling and grade modelling in the mining and exploration industries. The implicit modelling approach used by Leapfrog minimises the need for manual digitisation, improving work process efficiency and allowing you to spend more time focusing on what really matters, be it presentation, interpretation, validation or getting more enjoyment from your work.

Keywords: Geologists, Lithology, Modelling

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