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By: Lean Systems  06-Dec-2011

Kvaser supplies a diverse range of PC - CAN hardware on interfaces including USB, WiFi, PCI versions with a broad range of features such as data logging, wireless, ruggedised, and galvanic isolation.

Kvaser USB products are the easiest way to get a computer connected to a CAN bus. Just plug it in and use your favourite software tool, or write your own using our SDK. The Kvaser Leaf is a supple one channel CAN interface, streamlined enough to be used as a cable. For applications needing more than one channel there is the USBcan series.

Kvaser Memorator is a dual channel CAN data logger for SD/MMC disks, with USB interface. Once configured it can run standalone, without a PC or USB connection, which makes is great for data-logging. Can also be used as an ordinary USBcan II interface.

Kvaser Blackbird is the solution when it impracticable or impossible to run a cable between the CAN bus and your computer, or perhaps you want to monitor a remote CAN bus from your office, over the network.

Kvaser LAPcan II is a high performance dual channel CAN interface for the PC card (PCMCIA) bus. LAPcan is supported by Kvaser DRVcan cables which provide a range of physical interfaces for CAN and LIN with opto-isolation, high and low-speed options.

Kvaser PCIcan II



are a high-performance CAN interfaces for PCI and PCI-X respectively.

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We are also experienced at applying agile testing practices in embedded systems, and also at applying test and behaviour driven development approaches. Not to mention that embedded systems often have real-time considerations that enterprise applications do not - motion control for instance. The agile notion of sprint zero, in which you set up your architecture and tool-chain over a month or so, is optimistic to say the least.