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By: Lea Stening Health  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Sustainable Energy

Weight Loss

“Concentrate on eating to do, not on eating to weigh. The scales measure only one small aspect of your progress towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. If you concentrate instead on achieving sustainable energy levels so that you can cope with your working day, you will never feel hungry, have boundless energy and the scales will reflect the positive changes you have made.” -Lea Stening

“Five years ago my health was deteriorating, I was overweight and bed-ridden and my doctor said that unless I lost weight the quality of life would be seriously affected. I have lost over 3 stone (22 Kgs) with Lea's programme, which I began along with walking short distances regularly. In November last year I joined a gym and am now working out on the treadmill and rowing machine. Light-weight training to strengthen muscle and bone has been incorporated making a visible improvement to my mobility and stamina. I feel like a 40 year old but in fact I'm 85.”
-Melva McIlroy - 85yrs Christchurch
Melva McIllroy is 89yrs and continues to maintain her weight. “Like many people I had tried all sorts of diets and courses, and although they had worked for a time, nothing felt like it was sustainable for the rest of my life. A friend had been seeing Lea, and encouraged me to do the same, back in April 2001, when I could feel my weight slowly increasing to a record high for me (93.5kg). I was also engaged, and wanted to be able to choose any style of wedding dress I felt like for September 2002. The first thing I learned from Lea is that there is no such thing as ‘bad food’ which was a relief (any one who has sat with a group of women ordering dessert knows all about ‘bad food’!). Certainly there are things which won’t help you lose weight, but it is the quantity of food you eat that you watch too, a little of things won’t kill you. ”
-Karen Sollitt - Christchurch
Karen Sollitt - before and after learning how to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Do you need to gain or lose weight?

Using an Empowerment Coaching method Lea is happy to help work with you to develop a healthier lifestyle.

Lea or one of the team Dietitians will:

  1. Assess your current eating habits (your game plan).
  2. Highlight the skills that you already have
  3. Modify those things that no longer work.
  4. Teach you new techniques
  5. Empower you to think for yourself when conditions change

Heavy Weight Scales

New heavy weight scales (up to 300Kg), for the very overweight patients, or wheelchair bound patients and athletes are available at our Ilam clinic.

We offer nutrition packs that target your needs!
(And build nutrition knowledge one step at a time)

New packages and Fees for 2010


This 5 week start up pack works on the technical aspects of dietary change and will help us to:

  • Understand your health concerns and level of confidence regarding food selection.
  • Assess your dietary needs by computer dietary analysis
  • Correct any nutrient shortfalls and renew your energy levels
  • Develop a healthier meal plan to suit your lifestyle.
  • Teach you a flexible portion method of food selection
  • Identify the short cuts to a healthier diet with better shopping and cooking practices
  • Understand more about body composition and how to stop fat accumulation.

Normally $328…….now $295


This 10 Week program (5 educational sessions with work-sheets to complete and quick weight checks in-between) will help you make simple changes to your daily routines. The emphasis is on finding practical solutions to everyday issues such as dining out, takeaways, managing the weekend and workplace eating and travel etc.

Normally $230…….now $210


This 10 Week program (5 educational sessions with work-sheets to complete and free weight checks in-between) teaches you the key strategies necessary to maintain a healthier diet life-long. Learn how to travel, exercise, plan menus, change behaviour patterns and how to find sustainable energy for life!

Normally $230………now $210


  • Purchase our Inspiration, Lifestyle and Energy For Life series together and recieve a further price reduction. For only $665 you will recieve 25 consultations (only $26.60 per consultation!).
  • If you want 15 weeks of tailored nutritional advice try our Inspiration and Lifestyle series, further reduced to only $475 if purchased together (only $31.60 per consultation!).


If you know someone who could would benefit from dietary advice but can not afford it right now, then buy them a voucher. It is valid for 6 months and makes a great Christmas present.


  • Maintenance plan
  • Fitness testing
  • Supermarket tours
  • Library and newsletter services
  • Measuring body fat percentage using the skinfold technique

Note: The topics listed above may be altered to suit the client’s needs. Variations also exist for those with extra energy requirements such as athletes, children pregnant and breast feeding women.

Moving on by Reprogramming old habits

Most of us carry around old habits and outmoded perceptions from our past without realising the impact they have on our health through self sabotage. Here are a few Lea commonly hears:

"I can't stop putting on weight. I'm constantly tired, depressed and craving sweet foods"

You can't feel happy if you are always tired, hungry and guilty. A healthy diet can help you to find renewed energy levels and a positive outlook on life.

"It's frightening to think I could lose 20Kgs, I could never go below 100kgs"

If you are frightened of something you won't do it. You need to understand that fear before you can move on.

"Every other time I've tried to lose weight I've ended up heavier"

This comment fails to recognise an ability to learn new skills and our follow-on maintenance programme that offers on-going education and support once goals are reached.

"I'll start exercising on Monday"

Why postpone happiness? If you start on a Friday you can have the weekend to practice.

"I ate heaps of takeaways and ice cream last night because I'm starting my diet today"

Diets don't work. You have to learn how to enjoy all foods in a balanced way. If you feel deprived from the start, it won't work. It's time you pampered yourself in other ways.

"Everyone in my family is small"

Everyone has the right to reach their full potential. Many families have children who are taller than their parents or siblings.

"I've always been small"

Maybe your have always eaten in a similar way, lets find out if things could be better…

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Keywords: Sustainable Energy

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Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - family nutrition

My husband and I have personally used Lea to assist with our own dietary needs and we have been very satisfied with the resulting life style changes.”-Sue Ashworth - Christchurch. It can drive the things you want to do and the things that you have to do- giving you the energy to cope.”-Lea Stening“I have lost 6.7Kg working with Lea over the last 6 weeks.


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Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - sports nutrition

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Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - workplace nutrition

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