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By: Lea Stening Health  06-Dec-2011

Online Advice

“Changes in technology have benefited health in that people even in the most remote areas of the world can now have access to nutritional advice and support whereever they are.” -Lea Stening

Are you looking for an on-line nutrition coach?

Our highly qualified dietitians can help adults and children of all ages.

Completing a computer assessment of your diet will enable us to observe your eating style and measure your nutrient intake relative to your needs for age, growth and activity.

Around 80-90% of your diet is probably fine. It is the remaining 20% of shortfalls that are stopping you from reaching your goals for better health.

We can provide the following on-line services :

  • For children we also provide information about their growth rates.
  • Alternatively once your assessment and report is complete we can put you in touch with other dietitians that we would recommend within your area.
  • If you are unable to have access to a dietitian, then we can work with you on-line provided that we can contact your doctor and have access to your blood results etc.

To begin a computer analysis download and complete the following forms:

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Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - weight loss

If you concentrate instead on achieving sustainable energy levels so that you can cope with your working day, you will never feel hungry, have boundless energy and the scales will reflect the positive changes you have made.. Five years ago my health was deteriorating, I was overweight and bed-ridden and my doctor said that unless I lost weight the quality of life would be seriously affected.


Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - family nutrition

My husband and I have personally used Lea to assist with our own dietary needs and we have been very satisfied with the resulting life style changes.”-Sue Ashworth - Christchurch. It can drive the things you want to do and the things that you have to do- giving you the energy to cope.”-Lea Stening“I have lost 6.7Kg working with Lea over the last 6 weeks.


Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - sports nutrition

It’s easy to copy the diet of others, but when an athlete takes the time to understand his or her own baseline nutritional needs and how to change that to suit the demands of training and competition the results can be stunning!”-Lea Stening. Sports Nutrition Education Programme!This is designed for young developing athletes who are serious about their sport and are keen to improve their knowledge and practical application of sports nutrition.


Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - workplace nutrition

Work with other health professionals within your organisation such as your company doctor or industrial health nurse or social workers to work with individual workers or to help target identified nutritional needs within your group. Research has proved that a healthy workforce is not only more productive in terms of unit output each day, but also looses less time through sickness, accident and staff attrition.