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By: Lea Stening Health  06-Dec-2011
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Family Nutrition

“A healthier diet is the hub of the wheel of life. It can drive the things you want to do and the things that you have to do- giving you the energy to cope.”
-Lea Stening

“I have lost 6.7Kg working with Lea over the last 6 weeks. I have heaps of energy and find that at the end of the day I have as much energy as I started with. It's just magic! ”
-Anne Whitfield - 49yrs Christchurch

“I am delighted to recommend the services of Lea Stening. My husband and I have personally used Lea to assist with our own dietary needs and we have been very satisfied with the resulting life style changes.”
-Sue Ashworth - Christchurch

It can be difficult to organise family meals these days for a variety of reasons:

  • Everyone has different likes and dislikes
  • Some members may prefer to eat at different times
  • Work and sporting commitments can delay meals
  • Age differences can affect what and how much is eaten

Three separate nutrition studies in NZ over the past 10yrs have all come up with the same results. While it may be difficult to arrange, families do enjoy eating together and feel that their home life is strengthened by doing it.

Even if they don’t all like the food provided, it is the opportunity to talk about the days events, and exchange views and ideas that people need and love.

Eating together is particularly important during the teenage years. This is often when young people are more influenced by their friends, their sport activities or after school job commitments. Unfortunately research has also found that eating disorders can develop when there is less adult supervision of meal times and meal content and meals are taken (or avoided) in isolation.

Talk to us about how to balance out the nutritional needs of your family without having to prepare several different meals in one day. 


Keywords: Family Nutrition, Nutrition

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Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - weight loss

If you concentrate instead on achieving sustainable energy levels so that you can cope with your working day, you will never feel hungry, have boundless energy and the scales will reflect the positive changes you have made.. Five years ago my health was deteriorating, I was overweight and bed-ridden and my doctor said that unless I lost weight the quality of life would be seriously affected.


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Changes in technology have benefited health in that people even in the most remote areas of the world can now have access to nutritional advice and support whereever they are.. Completing a computer assessment of your diet will enable us to observe your eating style and measure your nutrient intake relative to your needs for age.


Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - sports nutrition

It’s easy to copy the diet of others, but when an athlete takes the time to understand his or her own baseline nutritional needs and how to change that to suit the demands of training and competition the results can be stunning!”-Lea Stening. Sports Nutrition Education Programme!This is designed for young developing athletes who are serious about their sport and are keen to improve their knowledge and practical application of sports nutrition.


Weight Control - Sports Nutrition - Family Nutrition - Men’s Health - workplace nutrition

Work with other health professionals within your organisation such as your company doctor or industrial health nurse or social workers to work with individual workers or to help target identified nutritional needs within your group. Research has proved that a healthy workforce is not only more productive in terms of unit output each day, but also looses less time through sickness, accident and staff attrition.