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By: Lawn Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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What are lawn treatments? This is the application of products to achieve the optimal growing conditions for a healthy, great looking lawn.

Most common treatments:

1. Fertilising

Fertilising is required to provide sufficient nutrients for plant growth – producing a thicker, lusher lawn that has a great colour. The key is to provide the correct amount of the product at the time of year it is needed, which will provide a great looking lawn, without you spending every other day mowing it!

2. Selective herbicides (killing weeds)

Often applied in conjunction with the fertiliser, selective spraying of herbicide eliminates weeds from the lawn and is fantastic if you want a great looking lawn which is prickle free.

We recommend a fertilising and selective weed spraying program carried out at three month intervals for best results, but can offer varying levels of service, dependant on your requirements.

Other treatments which are not applied as regularly include:

  • Spraying for insects (certain insects can be the cause of bare areas in your lawn)
  • Spraying for turf diseases (which can greatly damage the lawn and can be very unsightly)
  • The application of product to remove moss
  • Topdressing
  • The application of product to aid the condition of the soil.

There are two main types of lawn renovations:

1. Ongoing maintenance (Scarifying & Aeration)

Scarifying (de-thatching) aids in the removal of organic matter (thatch) build up and helps to avoid the spongy lawn that certain grass species give if not scarified.

Aeration work is carried out to help relieve compaction in the soil, allowing air into the soil. It aids in the drainage of the soil and the growth of new roots are stimulated. This is particularly beneficial to sites that tend to be wet over winter, which can produce anaerobic conditions that result in poor turf.

2. Remedial renovations (Repair)

The process varies depending on the site conditions and customers request. We carry out all earthworks to prepare the site and can install irrigation and drainage if required.

We will recommend which grass species is best suited for your site. Three main methods used:

1. Turfing

Turfing is when we use rolls of turf to create an instant lawn. The key benefit of turfing is it provides a great instant lawn. Turfing requires maintenance from the lawn owner once installed as it needs to be well watered - especially if layed in the summer months. If regular watering is not maintained the turf will shrivel up and the joints split apart, quickly ruining what was a beautiful lawn. As such only opt for turfing if you are happy to ensure it is regularly watered.

Outside of the summer months turfing is our preference of the three methods. It is the slightly more expensive option, but its instant and thanks to the dense cover of grass, invasion of weeds isn’t such a problem.

2. Hydroseeding

Hydroseeding is the application of seed mixed into a paper mashe / pulp form, which gives a great medium for the seed to germinate in, resulting in grass establishing faster. We recommend this method for larger areas. This method requires more involvement from us to get the lawn to a level where it can be mown and maintained by you.

3. Seeding

We offer a complete garden maintenance service for both residential and commercial properties, from the small courtyard area too the largest lifestyle block. Basically everything in the garden you can think of, we do.

If your garden has become an overgrown jungle or is just in need of a bit of tidy up we can fix it!
Our services include;

  • Spraying
  • Weeding
  • Fertilising
  • Pruning
  • Hedge cutting
  • Tree pruning, tree removal, stump grinding,
  • Section clearing
  • Planting

We offer both one off tidy ups and regular maintenance services, depending on your requirements.

In addition to the above services for commercial properties we can also spray yards / car parks, with a spray that gives longer term weed control (where there are no desirable plants present). We can also tidy landscaped areas in a time efficient manner.

Our landscaping services include:

  • Planting recommendations and design layout
  • Installation of weedmat and bark, pebbles etc
  • Site levelling
  • Terracing
  • Retaining walls
  • Steps
  • Fencing and gates
  • Arches and pergolas
  • Erecting sheds and forming bases
  • Garden path
  • Raised beds
  • Edging
  • Installation of irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Ponds and water features
  • Mowing strips

and any other landscaping services you require.


Keywords: Lawn, Weed Spraying, Weeds