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O EM quality rebuilding brings your used dynamometer back to life. We offer third-party absorber, roller, and electronic controller repairs, including replacement parts manufacturing. Land & Sea can convert many other manufacturer’s older or discontinued (single axle) chassis dynamometers over to true AWD, with full electronic axle synchronization, at a fraction of the cost of a new installation.

CNC machining and fabrication provides you with a dynamometer manufacturer’s factory quality – even for your custom one-off projects. Our in-house facilities include computerized 2-D and 3-D CAD/CAM/FEA design, three or four-axis computerized conventional and surface milling, full CNC turning, “traction-groove” machining, and dynamic spin balancing of large rolls (up to 65" diameter x 12' long and 4,000+ pounds each), high-definition plasma-stream cutting, TIG and MIG welding, surface-mount electronic repair, etc. Send your own prints or photos for a quotation.

Large roll repairs need not create large problems for you. However, most machine shops are unable to handle turning and dynamic balancing the high-inertia and huge-diameter rollers used in typical chassis dynamometers. Fewer still have any experience at it. No wonder rebuilders turn to us. We manufacture a on a daily basis… it’s what we do. Not only can we refinish the running surface of your worn rolls, they will probably work better than they did when they were new – read further to find out why.

“Traction-Groove” machining of new or worn roll surfaces drastically improves power transfer (while reducing tire-damaging heat buildup). These special deep-machined grooves are much more effective than short-lived friction coatings or cheap cosmetic (diamond shaped) cut or press knurling. Peak torque limits will often be more than doubled via this reconditioning. Besides refinishing the running-surface area of your rolls, we can also weld and then grind refinish most worn or bent axle shafts to a true running condition. Reconditioning will often save thousands of dollars (versus a replacement part) even on just a single roll or axle repair. Call for technical advice and quotations on our “Traction-Groove” machining service.

Dynamic spin balancing of large-diameter rolls, crankshafts, propellers, flywheels, impellers, and shafts reduces the damaging vibration loads. Rebalancing of rolls and rotors (after remachining) is critical for safe, vibration-free performance – we always recommend it. Installing out-of-balance components will guarantee premature bearing failure.

Add electronics and controls to your old analog emissions dynamometer or speedometer calibrator and you can perform road-load simulations, for AFR testing, on it. Even many simplistic inertia-only type dynos can be upgraded into fully programmable, and again useful, engineering tools by the addition of one of our . After the installation, you will be able to perform controlled acceleration sweeps and long steady-state tests. Systems typically include: an appropriate capacity eddy-current absorption unit, electronic load control with power supply, full- bridge (temperature-compensated) torque transducer (normally an S-beam load cell), 28-channel DYNOmite-Pro DAQ computer, magnetic absorber-RPM pickup, temperature thermistor and a 28- channel data harness. That, plus a switch over to our DYNO-MAX™ software, is all it takes to bring your extinct “dynosaur” right into the 21st century!

Keywords: Chassis Dynamometers, Dynamic Balancing, Dynamometer, Machining,

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