Boat Maintenance

By: Lalizas  06-Dec-2011

Traveling on a boat can be very pleasant and relaxing. Every boat needs always to be maintained in order to be in a very good condition for a large period of time. In this category you will find a variety of products that will help you maintain your boat and have the perfect result.

LALIZAS has created maintenance products according to your needs, such as Paint Brushes, Masking Tapes, Double Sided Tapes, Sealing Tapes & Sealants, Nonslip Tapes, Tool Kit, Teak Plug,Boat Lettering & Graphics, Boat Brushes & Handles, Vacuums, Sponges & Buckets which are effective and easy to use.

The Lalizas cleaning set consists of one wash brush (50904), one scrub brush (50905), one hook and one telescopic handle. The boat brushes are used for gentle or hard cleaning respectively. They are made of plastic and PVC giving good protection against salt, water and sun. The nylon hook is light and designed for easier and better use in action. The brushes and hooks by Lalizas are all threaded in order to easily fit to the handle. The telescopic handle is 105cm long and can extend up to 179cm, so that you can adjust it accordingly. It is made of anodised aluminium for more durability and longevity. These Lalizas cleaning products have been designed totally for your convenience.

Masking Tape is a general-purpose tape and is suitable for holding, sealing and surface protecting. It has been designed for indoor use but also for extended outdoor use. It is supplied in cream colour and 3 different sizes.


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Product Categories - LALIZAS SA

LALIZAS SA manufactures and distributes over 5.000 products of marine equipment, boat parts, safety equipment and miscellaneous items directly related to sea-sports / activities. Our product range includes marine equipment such as.


Sailing Clothes, Sailing Gear and Accessories

Apart from the advantages of combining high standard features and breathable fabrics, the PU coated fabric makes the garment very light and comfortable to wear even when the going gets tough and workforce is needed. Full front zipper, 600D dynamically shaped seat & knee reinforcement, inner neoprene leg cuff, hand warmer pockets, elastic waist, special gusset for more movement.


Marine Electronics - Boat electronic equipment

On the other hand the 3-way speakers should only be used inside the boat, and can be mounted either horizontally or vertically allowing the speakers 360 degree of movement. With "Sea Sound" Speakers installed in your boat, you can relax or party - listening to your favourite music.


Fishing Tackle - Fishing Equipment

No matter if you are in your boat, or rock-fishing, sailing, performing outdoor excises, being on holidays, or ven in a business trip… SeaShell cases will grant top safety for all your carry-on valuables, fishing gear, electronic devices, as well as, everything else you can fit inside. Virtually unbreakable & made of high quality materials, they integrate simplicity & functionality in a minimal clear top design.


Inflatable Boats - Boat Accessories

Lalizas have designed the practical and highly effective Double Action Hand/Floor Pump - ideal for inflating or deflating dinghies, ski tubes, air matresses, plus many more inflatable products. The Pump also features an adjustable pressure release valve which allows you to inflate, either easily on the down stroke only or faster on both the up & down stroke.


Watersport Accessories

The Shorty Wetsuit for children uses thermal technology, which makes it breathable, while it protects your child from water irritations and UV radiation. In warm weather conditions, Shorty wetsuits with 2.5mm neoprene thickness will give you flexibility, impermeability and UV protection. This wetsuit is entirely sealed with flatlocked seams and aqua stops at sleeves edges and trouser-ends to prevent water flows.


Outboard Engine Accessories

Hydrofoils are fixed above the propeller on the cavitation plate and they are attached with stainless steel screws. Hydrofoils are specially designed wings which increase a motor's performance. They are available in two sizes, for 4HP to 50HP motors and for over 50HP. The hydrofoils are fully adjustable for a smoother ride.