Hydroseeding Helicopter Services

By: Lakeview Helicopters  06-Dec-2011

Regrassing hill country has always been deemed an expensive and near impossible task - until now!

With Futurespread's latest hydroseeding technology you can turn large areas of tired, low producing native grasses into the latest top quality, high return pasture.



What is hydroseeding?

Have you ever noticed new road cuttings smothered with sprayed nutrient and seed, to find a week later it thriving in new pasture?! If only it was that easy establishing hectares of new grass.

Now with our technology it is!!

At Lakeview Helicopters we welcome you to a new era in seeding technology. We can now offer you this elite style of application which involves mixing seeds for pasture or crops with a specific blend of solid nutrient in a suspension, which is then applied onto the land through our patented application suspension systems – aerially.

This hydroseeding has been implemented by the largest forestry to dairy conversions in the central north island. 

ie: Landcorp - Wairakie pastoral - Carter Holt Propertys

Futurespread Method

The Blend

Using in-house expertise and the latest in technology we can blend various seed species with the ideal combination of nutrients, minerals or bio stimulants, to meet your requirements. Our method ensures the seed has more than enough nutrient to thrive while at the same time enhancing the whole germination process.

Coating the seed in lime and a blend of solid fertilisers, ensure that the seed is plastered to the surface to which it is applied. This drastically reduces the risk of seed translocation or run off from heavy rain.

The Application

Using the latest in global positioning satellite technology we can offer you an unbeatable style of precision application. Recent trials have concluded that this system can increase strike rate to 80 - 90%!

The Process

Step 1 – One of our in-house consultants visit you on site to assess your needs and to explain the full benefits.

Step 2 – A specific blend of nutrient is recommended and sourced from a supplier of your choice - at cost.

Step 3 - Round-Up or chemical topping is then required to kill rank pastures such as Ratstail or Browntop.

Step 4 – Hydroseeding Application

Step 5 – Ongoing crop or pasture management using a standard fertilizer regime. 


  • Up to 50% cheaper than traditional methods of re-grassing hill country
  • Quick, efficient seeding of pastures and crops
  • Use of un-coated seed – we coat on-site- this also dramatically reduces cost.
  • Ability to incorporate a total nutrient package in one application
  • A fast and efficient aerial application
  • Seed / fertiliser mix leads to faster germination
  • Minimised seed translocation and run off
  • Improved pasture utilisation

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