Fine Particle Slurry Helicopter Services

By: Lakeview Helicopters  06-Dec-2011

We have revolutionized a slurry spreading system. We believe that this is just what the farmer has been waiting for! What this system does is allow the farmer to specifically apply nutrient according to what his soil may require, and the beauty about it is that this nutrient is available straight away. The spread of this fertiliser is just like painting your farm, no longer do you have to put up with average nutrient to plant ratios.

We are committed to the significant advantages of the recently patented Suspension Fertiliser Application System which delivers a system of application at lower cost and with greater benefits than is being achieved with other systems.

The application equipment was developed and patented by Mark Williams and Greg Gribble. The application system that they produced resulted in the ability to apply, finely ground (100%<125 microns, 95%<75 microns) naturally occurring rock based elements, such as Lime, Gypsum, Dolomite, Elemental sulphur, Reactive phosphate rock and a range of trace elements. The system also allows for the addition of microbiological stimulants and seed and can all be incorporated in one pass, reducing application costs significantly.

The components are applied in a wet format minimizing "off target" losses that would be expected when using powders.

One of the by-products of this achievement in technology is the ability to spread nitrogen in suspension form.


How & Why: By finely grinding the elements (which is achieved by mechanical means on the surface) it makes them more readily available to the plants and to interact with the soil profile.

The system has the ability to mix on site, a range of elements needed for the soil being treated. The products are mixed at a ratio of about 80% product to 20% water making it the consistency of very thick paint. The water can be replaced by microbiological stimulant or liquid trace elements as required, thus eliminating the need for extra applications.

A mixture of products can be applied at rates of 50-200kg/ha in one pass, offering sufficient quantities to ensure higher crop and pasture productivity.

Because very fine rock based elements are used it means that all product applied is readily available in the growing season, resulting in less product required which in turn means less transportation and application cost.

The increase in efficiency of products as the particle size decreases has been widely documented, also the need to distribute the particles in a very even manner as there is virtually no horizontal movement of the particle once it enters the soil profile.

This application system delivers a very even application, thus ensuring availability to all plants and not just a percentage.



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