Crop Spraying Helicopter Services

By: Lakeview Helicopters  06-Dec-2011

With 18 years of experience we know how to get the job done!

What ever it may be that you need sprayed we can deliver with professionalism and confidence that can only come from a determination to do the job once and do it right!

Whether it be weeds or crops we understand the need to get results as livelihoods depend on it. Ever since we started this business we have always looked for ways to improve our equipment! Our focus has always been the consumer and how to supersede their demands.

Our specially designed "Aerofoil" booms allow us to spray without drift. These booms are predominantly used for forestry spraying and are excellent for gorse blackberry and scrub. We have been supplying forestry services to PanPac, Rayonier.

Other products and services from Lakeview Helicopters


Fine Particle Slurry Helicopter Services

The increase in efficiency of products as the particle size decreases has been widely documented, also the need to distribute the particles in a very even manner as there is virtually no horizontal movement of the particle once it enters the soil profile.


Hydroseeding Helicopter Services

We can now offer you this elite style of application which involves mixing seeds for pasture or crops with a specific blend of solid nutrient in a suspension, which is then applied onto the land through our patented application suspension systems – aerially. With Futurespread's latest hydroseeding technology you can turn large areas of tired, low producing native grasses into the latest top quality, high return pasture.