By: La Design Systems  05-Apr-2012

Project design process involves controlling large volumes of relatively simple data. Finding the correct data and controlling the changes to the data provides the biggest challenge. The Design program is created to overcome this challenge.

Every project follows similar processes but each client requires their design done slightly different. The Design program provides the flexibility to cope with a changing environment.

Engineering design process is taking conceptual design basis and turning it into project construction instructions. There is always pressure to minimise the time schedule and cost of performing this work.  The Design program is designed to improve the speed of this process.

Equipment List

Includes functions to produce equipment lists for instrumentation, piping, electrical and major equipment.

Features include:-

  • Display equipment list in tree structure
  • Assign custom data templates to tag items
  • Copy and paste tag items
  • Export data to Excel report
  • Display and edit tag properties
  • Link an instrument to a pipe or major equipment

Control System IO Allocation

Includes functions to produce a tree structure of control systems and allocate instruments to IO points.

Features include:-

  • Display user defined tree structure of control systems
  • Drag and drop field device to IO points
  • Display IO allocated flag status on Tag tree list
  • Track changes to control systems
  • Drag and drop devices from existing Control systems
  • Display Properties for control system items

Data Sheets

Includes functions to produce tree structure of purchase requisitions and datasheets. 

Features include:-

  • Create user defined tree based datasheet list
  • Control datasheet revisions
  • Link process data to instruments
  • Transfer data to Excel datasheets
  • Produce reports of requisitions and datasheets

Data Grid

Includes functions to display information in Excel like data grids.

Features include:-

  • Filter and sort data on any columns
  • Filter data via a filter editor
  • Display tag , tag data changes and alarm lists
  • Direct Export to Excel

Other products and services from La Design Systems


LA Design Systems :: Products

Import and export templates, setup data and tag data from/to Excel. Add and monitor commissioning check lists to any instrument tag. Produce Control System layout and IO allocation maps. Import tag data from Excel into the project database. Create and edit reports for each project database. Produce charts of Control system statistics. Create and edit system data templates.


LA Design Systems :: Analyse

It will analyse project data to monitor progress and review project statistics via graphs and charts of this data. Display charts on Equipment Stats, Design and Pre-Commissioning Progress, Changes and Control System data. The Analyse program is designed to answer these questions. Display sub totals and totals.


LA Design Systems :: Commission

Includes functions to control and monitor punch listing activities during construction and the commissioning phase. Commissioning involves monitoring and controlling large volumes of data over a defined period. Includes functions to assign predefined test and inspection check sheets to any tag item. All testing tasks can be organised into test folders and commissioning work packs.


LA Design Systems :: Import

The Import program is designed to allow Excel equipment lists to be quickly imported into the project data base. New tags can be created during the import or data can be updated to existing tag items. Includes functions to create test folder system and allocate work to each test folder. Includes functions to assign predefined equipment certification a tag item. Also each work task can be assigned to a person and the status tracked.