Kypera Mobile | Housing Mobile Solutions

By: Kypera  06-Dec-2011

Kypera Mobile is a suite of mobile web applications that allow you to access Kypera Business and Kypera Housing directly from a smart phone. You can take actions and update jobs while on the move, and new data is updated onto the system directly from your mobile device. Kypera Mobile removes the requirement for potentially costly third-party mobile solutions.

“Kypera Mobile is set to revolutionize the way that users access their Kypera systems. Its web-based mobile architecture removes the need for specific devices and now field-based operatives can enter results and obtain updated schedules whilst on the move”

Ian Thompson, Chairman Kypera Ltd.

Kypera Mobile runs in the web browser on your mobile device, helping you to work smarter.

Update timesheets

You can enter information onto timesheets while at home or on the move, saving valuable office time and avoiding delays.

Complete expenses claims

For fast and efficient updating of expenses, Kypera Mobile allows you to enter expenses and attach photos of receipts, so nothing is missed or submitted late.

Housing inspections

Details of scheduled pre- and post-inspections are displayed on your smart phone in real time so you can check the diary and update

with the results while you’re on the road. You can log inspection reports directly onto the system from your mobile device before you’ve even left the site. Updates to your schedule are sent directly to the phone so there’s no need to return to the office to find out if you have any new appointments.

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