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By: Kumeu Physiotherapy Clinic  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Acupuncture, Physiotherapy, Manual Therapy

Whether you have pain, stiffness,, poor posture, poor core strength, disc lesions, headaches, whiplash, sciatica, nerve pinching, muscle imbalance, joint alignment problems or other issues, we can treat and help you manage these problems. Should physiotherapy not be appropriate we are happy to arrange referral to an appropriate healthcare professional for you.

Physiotherapy may use manual therapy (hands on moving of joints), manipulation, massage, exercises, pain relief techniques, or postural correction.

We have a strong focus on education to aid self management of your problems, then prevention strategies to keep you at your best. Many injuries can reoccur and you will be able to use the self management strategies in the future to treat yourself from home.

We have a spinal maintenance package available to our clients, please speak to a therapist about this.

  • Spinal complaints from neck to tail bone are all thoroughly assessed/examined. (30 to 40 mins)
  • Referral for other tests can be arranged if needed e.g x-rays, scans.
  • Diagnosis established, individual needs discussed and a program tailored to your needs is initiated. (length of treatment and costs involved advised).
  • Regular reassessment of your progress will be made, and your program altered accordingly.

Shoulder strains, knee ligament tears, cartilage tears, tennis elbow, heavy bruising, wrist and thumb sprains, ankle sprains to name just a few.

We treat and help you to return to your normal activities after any joint or soft tissue injury. i.e ligament, tendon, muscle or joint capsule tear/strain/rupture.

Immediate treatment is advisable to get the earliest return to activity for you. We will help you to return to your pre-injury function.

You may however have a chronic injury (long standing), we will devise an individual rehabilitation plan to return you to optimal function as quickly as possible.

Exercises form a large part of treatment for mobility, strength and balance. These are progressed or changed as your condition improves.

We may also use massage, acupuncture, ultra-sound, strapping, or heat to give a few examples.

All levels of ability and fitness are catered for in our clinic. Whether you are a recreational walker, gardener, or an elite athlete returning to competitive sport, we can help you.

We use a combination of Western and Eastern principles in acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture is a unique way of tapping into the bodies natural healing abilities. Acupuncture can be used for many ailments to enhance repair of tissue and relieve your pain.

Sinusitis is one of our specialty treatments. There are many people who suffer with  this condition who have had fantastic results from acupuncture.

Any joint strain/sprain from whatever cause can be helped with physiotherapy.

We treat and manage post-operative conditions such as joint replacements, ligament reconstructions, tendon repairs, shoulder dislocation repairs and many others. We also provide rehabilitation after fractures, ruptured Achilles tendons once out of plaster, shoulder tendon repairs to name a few.  We work with you to regain optimal function.

We can also help people with arthritis. This can be a debilitating disease that leaves people wondering  what to do. We treat and help you manage these problems through exercises, pain management and education.

Osteoporosis (brittle bones) is something we can assist you with.

Our focus is keeping you moving and to get you “Fit for the life you wish to lead”.

People are leading extremely busy lives and with that comes a lot of stress related disorders. Tension headaches, painful / stiff muscles, breathing disorders causing chest pain, dizziness, and fatigue. We can help you manage these problems. We use massage, stretching, breathing re-education, relaxation strategies, lifestyle and time management advice.

Often problems  arise from your work station or the way you use your body at work. We work with you and your employer to look at ways this can be improved to stop the physical stressors on your body.

Work station and work site assessments can be done by a physiotherapist and recommendations made.

Lifting education and advice can be extremely effective in prevention of workplace injury.

Not sure where to start?
Not sure what exercises are correct for you?
Have problems that need factoring into a program?
Trying to prevent recurring pain/problems?

After a thorough discussion and physical assessment with you, we will set  up an individual exercise program for you and progress this as you improve. This may encompass stretching for mobility, strengthening, balance work and cardio-vascular fitness training. This may be for weight reduction, during or after pregnancy, after injury, or if you are looking to become more active. We will ensure you are doing appropriate exercises safely, and working to extend your physical capabilities.

We have ACC contracts for fitness/independence and pain management programs.  These are to help people achieve independence and return to normal activity after injury. These programs are for longer term claimants and can involve gym based exercise.  The programs need to be approved by an ACC case manager first, but are fully funded  by ACC.

We provide a physical fitness/gym based package for private clients (normally 6 weeks duration). This has one on one physiotherapist assistance and is tailored to any fitness/activity level. Please talk to us  if you think this would benefit you.

Keywords: Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, Physiotherapy

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