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By: Kumeu Computer S  06-Dec-2011

Kumeu Computer Services

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Remote support

We utilise top industry remote access tools such for our home users and businesses, offering remote support to get your computer back up and running as soon as possible. No need to drive to the shop, no waiting time and no delays - if you have an internet connection, we can fix it online.

Onsite server repair

We can repair or upgrade servers running small to medium enterprises. We can help with backing up your servers, servicing, maintenance, and RAID recovery, using best industry practices. We also offer sales and installation for small business servers.

Computer and laptop repair

We offer full repair and service solutions for both laptops and PCs, covering hardware and software.

LCD screen repair / replacement • backlight inverter repair / replacement • CD / DVD drives • expanding RAM • hard drive replacements / repairs • OS system installs • data recovery • boot problems / non-starting machines

We take great pride in ensuring the intergrity of your data before working on it. In cases where we need to work on your hard drive, we run images of hard drive before major repair work.

Virus removal

We offer virus and malware removal (inlcuding scareware and scamware). We utilise Avast! Products and MalwareBytes applications to remove these infections, and a myriad of other tools. In the shop, we operate using best practices to ensure that your computer is kept clean and safe whilst under repair.

We offer anti virus products such as Avast! Pro 6 and Free Avast!. Come and visit us instore to get the best advice.

Service & cleaning (PCs and laptops)

We offer a 7 point service plan

1. Blowing / air compressing dust and particles aways

2. Lubricating the fans

3. Checking for loose connections

4. Checking anti-virus is up to date

5. Scanning the PC / laptop for trojans, malware and viruses.

6. Speed optimisation

7. Downloading latest service packs and essential updates.

Fault finding and diagnosis

We are a servicing company so this is one of the core parts of our industry! From LCD screens on laptops to fault finding etc (pull em apart, find the fault, fix them). Specialised equipment to pinpoint the problem on laptops and PCs (and some Mac). For PCs we have full replacements parts on site for the majority of repairs, or parts can be ordered quickly.

Networking and WIFI

We can provide wireless netowrk access for your home and office covering switching, routers, ADSL modems, aerials, cabling (some conditions apply)

We provide solutions that utilise your inhouse power cables to transmit networking to other parts of your home or business. We stock TP Link accessories and recommend them becuase they're both reliable and durable.

We also stock USB wireless adaptors and PCI wireless adapters for around $40 + GST.

Mobile Broadband Solutions

We can supply or direct you to products and services that can boost your mobile signal in even in places that would have very limited reception. These are just some applications we can help with:

- passive telecom and vodafone aerial boosters for car or home

- integrated mobile routers

- installation and training for new products

Replacement ex-lease PCs

We source and sell some of the best ex lease PCs on the market. Ex lease PCs can start from as little as $250 + GST (please call for current stock and availability as stock turns over weekly). We also have a 30 day hardware guarantee - we're that confident in our products.

Our ex lease PCs come installed with OEM licensing for the operating systems. We also offer a full service for transferring from your older PC. Our ex-lease packages include anoptical mouse and keyboard, and are fully internet-ready - plug it in, turn it on!

We can also dispose of your PC in an eco -friendly way (a small fee may be incurred depending on the volume of PCs to be recycled).

Small or new business advice

Starting up or looking to expand? We can help with advice and products for get you started, from PCs to accounting packages and websites. We can offer project management for businesses to save time and money, getting you up and running as soon as possible.

Accounting software & advice

invoiceit! is easily customized to suit your situation. Join the thousands of satisfied businesses who are using invoiceit! and have improved their business accounting and invoicing. Why has invoiceit! been so successful..because it is the most feature rich software for its price and it is so easy to use.

Internet cafe

We have a 3 station high speed internet cafe with the following services available:

• Printing facilities

• Full MS Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher)

• USB access for pen drives, digital cameras etc

• Check webmail, surf the net, do your online banking - all with 100% security!

The information in this article was current at 02 Dec 2011