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KOHLER offers four types of Spa experiences:

Hydrotherapy - Features & Benefits

KOHLER has perfected the art of targeted water massage. Our designs incorporate the latest discoveries in massage therapy to encourage increased well-being. KOHLER spa's are engineered to maximise the unique benefits of hydrotherapy and, similar to a deep massage, can potentially increase blood flow and reduce toxins. For unwinding and revitalisation our spa's deliver a powerful directed massage which leaves your body with a sense of well-being.

Our body jets are individually adjustable to target specific areas of your body. They adjust 360 degrees for water flow intensity and 60 degrees for water flow direction. The backjets and neckjets are available on select models and target a range of individual stress points which is a great way for unwinding and revitalisation. In-line heaters ensure that the water remains warm and comfortable. Our spas are easy to clean and maintain, and provide an ideal water massage every time.

BubbleMassage - Features & Benefits

KOHLER BubbleMassage™ technology is designed to deliver a holistic, complete-body experience. Warm air is pushed through the airjets positioned along the bottom perimeter of the bath creating thousands of bubbles for a range of tactile and visual sensations. Your entire body is supported and thoroughly massaged by a cushion of bubbles. The random motion of bubbles travelling along your body to the surface helps centre and clear your mind.

Effervescence - Features & Benefits

Effervescence bathing technology caresses your body in a warm, slow-moving embrace. Water and air gently travel through unique ports designed to pamper your body with champagne-like bubbles that cling to your skin. Creating a serene and meditative environment, Effervescence envelops your body with sensory delight. Variable settings, available on select models, allow you to adjust the water flow for bathing experiences that range from a featherlight touch to a tender embrace.

Chromatherapy, a sequence of soothing coloured lights, is featured on selected Effervescence baths. And an in-line heater can ensure that the water temperature remains consistent. KOHLER Effervescence bathing technology replenishes your body and spirit.

Chromatherapy Experience

Using the soothing qualities of colour to relax both mind and body, chromatherapy features an eight colour sequence that lasts approximately one minute, then repeats, or you can isolate an individual colour to suit your mood. Each colour is believed to have a unique effect on the bather. Warm colours tend to stimulate and encourage a sense of alertness, whereas cool colours seem to deliver a calming effect. To best enjoy the chromatherapy experience, turn off your bathroom lights, and let the colours wash over your body and mind.

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Kohler wall mixers for the shower or bath can also be coupled with a diverter - this allows the same mixer to be used for both the shower and the bath, negating the need for two sets. Water conservation also features prominently in the overall Kohler design brief, while never compromising on the high level of style and efficiency.


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The strategically placed air jets, around the lower perimeter of the bath, are unobtrusive and result in a very clean design that closely resembles the streamlined proportions of a conventional bath. Deliver powerful, targeted massage, providing real solutions for unwinding and revitalising the body and encouraging an increased sense of well-being.


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These are generally supplied with a one tap hole for use with single lever mixers or three tap holes to be used with a mixer featuring a central spout and separate hot and cold handles. A further dimension in Kohler vessel design is Nature's Chemistry whereby each is made from spun glass, creating multiple facets that reflect light and colour in captivating patterns.


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Using a specialised dynamic flow profile they optimise water speed and force, while simultaneously conserving as much water as possible. All have excellent water conservation ratings and homeowners are guaranteed to find a style that perfectly suits their bathroom design. Alternatively, in a small percentage of toilets, the waste pipe goes through the wall - these are known as P Trap toilets.