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By: Knowware International  06-Dec-2011
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4% of every business causes over 50% of the waste, rework and cost. Our results-focused methodology can help you find the 4% and save at least $100,000 per project.

Whether you are new to Six Sigma, are overwhelmed by data (or the lack thereof) or already have some projects in mind, we can help.

Here are some of the common services we provide to our customers.

You can select from the above services or we can tailor a solution to meet your needs.
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A 1-3 hour session with your leadership team on Lean Six Sigma and its application to your business.

  • Intial pre-meeting with you over the phone.
  • Interactive overview of Lean Six Sigma for up to 25 people using Lean Simplified and Six Sigma Simplified books and quick reference cards. (QI Macros optional.)
  • Gather “gut feel” about areas to target for improvement to reduce defects or delay. These areas will include specific examples around accuracy, timeliness, and availability which may affect supplier quality.

Deliverables: Targeted areas for improvement and people to go to for data—counts, numbers, financial information, etc. and Lean Six Sigma awareness and buy-in.

2-to-3 consecutive days of data mining and analysis to develop actionable improvement projects focused on the 4% of business that causes 50% of lost profit:

Deliverables: Actionable improvement projects that consist of:

  • Line graphs, pareto charts and fishbone diagrams with clear problem statements.
  • Clearly identified processes for “Lean” analysis—flow charting and value added analysis.
  • Data analysis expertise with one or more people who “shadow” my explorations and data mining.
  • Names of participants for root cause team meetings.

3-to-5 one-day meetings to analyze the root cause of defects or eliminate delays on a selected improvement project. The number of meetings depends on the data analysis. (Additional projects may be added at customer request.)

Deliverables: Implementation plans and people for identified countermeasures.

One day team member training on Lean Six Sigma to fill in the gaps.

Please give us a call at 888-468-1537 to discuss how we can tailor a solution to fit your needs.

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Keywords: Fishbone Diagrams

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