KneeCare - Services

By: Kneecare  05-Apr-2012

KneeCare W.O.F

  • One-week introductory programme testing all facets of your knee and lower limb, including a full clinical assessment, physical assessment, and treatment plan. May also include a complementary 1-week gym membership.

6-week KneeCare

  • Individual 6-week treatment and rehabilitation programme. Includes at least 6-once weekly KneeCare provider sessions, 6-week gym membership or equivalent, predictive VO2 testing and Dietician seminar.

12-week KneeCare

  • Individual 12-week treatment and rehabilitation programme. Includes at least 12-once weekly KneeCare provider sessions, complementary clinical hands on sessions, repeated knee W.O.F, predictive VO2, Blood tests, and Dietician seminar.

Single assessments, or second opinions

  • We regularly provide second opinions and assessments to those who are unsure about their injury, rehab, or pain. This is where our extensive educational, and advisory board can be invaluable.

Pre surgical total knee joint

  • For those who are thinking about surgery or want to optimize their upcoming surgery.

Post surgical total knee joint

  • For those who have undergone surgery and want to get back to life ASAP, or they might be finding their recovery harder than they thought.

Preventative programme for individuals and groups

  • We offer research based and validated programmes to prevent and reduce knee injuries, particularly ACL injuries. A must for all those serious about their sport.

Nutritional seminars

  • Provided by our own KneeCare Dietician. Seminars are run quarterly and specially concentrate on the benefits of weight management with knee pain. – Always interesting and lots of helpful take home tips.

KneeCare certification courses

  • for prospective KneeCare providers.

Research projects

Our KneeCare provides are at the leading edge of their field, and this means they participate in research. We can provide those interested with a list of published articles, and research that is currently being undertaken.

Special Offer

We even offer limited spaces each week for free no obligation knee history and assessment sessions where you can meet one of our experts and simply see if we can help.