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By: Kiwimana  05-Apr-2012
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Kiwimana Strategy Meeting for Wintering down the apiary.  We identified some key areas to consider…. Apiary Weather Treatments Feeding Bee Keeping Practices We used our previous experiences of Bee losses and also looked at some of our Bee keeping practices to help us look for ideas for going forward.  APIARY: Our Bee season started around [..]

We decided to go away for Auckland anniversary weekend. So while I was out and out in the Coromandel bush pursuing another one of my hobbies (Locating treasure with a GPS device or Geocaching). I had heard that Tutin in honey is more of a problem in the Coromandel Peninsular. I managed to find quite [..]

We have been experimenting with foundation less frames and getting the bees to create their own foundation. The problem with doing this on brood frames is that the bees tend to create more drone comb and we would rather their build this in our drone management frames. So we can keep varroa numbers lower. Drone [..]

This was a question posted in by one of our readers, Sophie asks:- How can a New Zealand bee-keeper keep their bees alive every year? Well this is a good question, over recent times bee-keepers are having trouble keeping bees alive. Due to Varroa mites and pesticides in the environment. Last year our plan failed [..]

Went along to check on a hive at the Earthsong, which is an Eco-Neighbourhood project based in Ranui in West Auckland. For more information about this project please check out their web site It seemed like a great place indeed very peaceful with loads of gardens about. Conny had asked us to come and [..]

Tonight we had a great time with some fellow beekeepers, myself and some local beekeepers met up with Caroline who is visiting from England. Caroline got in touch via our blog a few months back, it was great to finally meet her in person and talk about her adventures and travels. Great to see that [..]

Well a busy night moving bees around West Auckland. We picked up our swarm lure, which was overflowing with a swarm . We wanted to move this colony within our own property, but as this was less than 2 miles away, we employed the 2 feet or 2 mile rule (Even if New Zealand uses [..]

Today I went along to the Mid Month Auckland Bee Club meeting, the discussion was based on swarms, which was run by Dennis a very experienced bee-keeper. These mid monthly meetings are more about getting together with like-minded people, that also love bees. On my way home I went around to Franks house to check [..]

It was a public holiday in New Zealand today, which was a good thing as most of the country is probably nursing a hangover after last nights amazing Rugby world cup victory against France. We headed north to visit Mum and Dad. On our way we visited “The Honey Centre” near Warkworth. The Honey [..]

Keywords: Bees, Honey

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Great episode here from TVNZ 7, it has some really interesting information about the Varroa mites and the work been done at Mercury Island to produce a bee that is resistant to the mites. Great story about beekeepers in Australia helping protect their own industry after the government pulled support in the fight against the Asian honeybee.