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By: Kiwicolour  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Chemical Resistance, Colour Retention

KiwiColour is our Pre-painted steel lineup. It has been designed specifically for the New Zealand environment. It acknowledges the need for longer lasting and more durable paint due to the fact that New Zealand experiences significantly higher levels of UV radiation compared to other countries around the globe.

KiwiColour is manufactured by world-leading Prepaint mills with ISO certification, so we can ensure the quality of the product you receive is second to none.

The KiwiColour brand is available in two different product lines, KiwiColour VITOR & KiwiColour ZENEX both of which are specifically suited for different environments and atmospheric conditions

KiwiColour VITOR is a high durability product designed to give excellent colour retention and high formability.

The VITOR products are intended to be used in a moderate everyday environment at least 500m from any marine environments and environments that are not subject to severe weather conditions.

KiwiColour ZENEX is a high durability product with high formability, outstanding gloss and colour retention, whilst also providing premium weather and chemical resistance obtained through exceptional molecular bond strength.

The ZENEX products are developed for use in severe and marine environments, ZENEX performs better in harsh environments as a result of its exceptional molecular bond strength. ZENEX can also be used in moderate environments, with the benefit of an extended warranty.

The below diagram shows how KiwiColour VITOR and ZENEX Prepainted steel is intended for use in different environments

Both KiwiColour Vitor and KiwiColour Zenex have been tested by an independent laboratory to ensure compliance with AS/NZS 2728, the performance requirements for prefinished/prepainted sheet metal products for interior/exterior building applications.

Keywords: Chemical Resistance, Colour Retention