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By: Kinetic Innovations  05-Apr-2012
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We are constantly striving to achieve the ultimate solution to allow skiers to spend as much time on the slopes as possible without hindering their technique or creating a burden.

There are many skiers who have suffered either injuries or illnesses which affect their legs, knees or backs or are just unable to get the most out their skiing due to endurance issues. Our aim is to resolve this so you get the most out of your time on the slopes.

Our first, award winning, model achieved the above and gave thousands of skiers a new lease of life to fully enjoy their skiing. Although it still works on the same principles, we have now developed a completely new model, which is far easier to set-up and use.

The MkII ski~mojo is sleeker, lighter, more comfortable and more user friendly. It can be fitted using just one Allen Key (which is supplied), making fitting; quick, easy and hassle free with no need for any other tools. The main improvements of the MkII are -

  • Telescopic twist & lock system for quick and easy adjustment to your size.
  • The standard Boot Attachments now clamp on to your boots (there is no longer any need to drill your boots and the system can easily be used with hire boots).
  • More than 1/3rd lighter than the original model.
  • Far more streamline, especially around the hip area (in fact it's all below your hip joints), making fitting it under your regular ski trousers really easy.
  • The integral Knee-Supports that the ski~mojos fit in could mean that separate knee-supports and in some cases knee braces become a thing of the past. However, you should alway seek further medical advise if you are wearing a support or brace as a result of medical advise. (Please also see Dr. Binet's comments on the Medical Page - or consult your own practitioner)
  • The latest version will come with optional velcro attachable padding, to give added comfort and protection at the top of your leg.

There are many more benefits that you will discover when trying the new ski~mojo. Please keep checking back to our website for further updates as we near the start of another eagerly awaited ski season.

Powder Skiing Made Easy - The Joys of The ski~mojo!

The Gadget show Road Trip Special – Broadcast 30th Jan 2009.

Top 5 Ski Gadgets Feature presented by Jason Bradbury.

And at No1 –

Something every skier should own – this is ski~mojo - it’s an exoskeleton for skiers.

Using an intricate system of springs it helps to support my body weight taking 33% of the strain out of my knees and my thighs.

Wearing this takes away the aching legs and knees so you can stay out for longer without getting tired and make the most of your holiday.

It also makes you a better skier improving your stability over bumps and holding you in the proper posture.

This thing is amazing – I’ve been skiing on it for ages it’s like having your own personal ski instructor holding you up as you go along.

I love it!

[Back in the Studio]

Suzi Perry: Check you out with your exoskeleton legs, you robot.

Jason Bradbury: I love it!

Suzi Perry: Hey did they really help you on the slopes?

Jason Bradbury: Big Time!

Keywords: Skiing

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It pushes you naturally into a good position and takes substantial pressure off legs and knees as you ski, acting like a pair of shock absorbers. Winner of the Winter Hardware Category at Winter ISPO in Munich, the world's leading trade show for sports hardware and accessories. Skiing shock absorbers tested: Brace yourself for the snow.The ski~mojo featured in the Telegraph Nov 09. SKI CLUB OF GREAT BRITAIN - SKI & BOARD MAGAZINE.