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By: Kilpan And Associates  06-Dec-2011
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Comprehensive Range of Services
Kilpan & Associates’ counselling services address individual, family and organisational problems. Our psychologists and therapists are trained to select the treatment best suited to your needs, personality and circumstances, as well as your background.
Your people are your organisation’s most valuable resource. Kilpan & Associates are able to help you develop and maintain your human resource assets through the selection process, psychological testing, workplace trauma counselling, occupational health management, stress management and career profiling. Often known under the umbrella of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), our services are utilised by organisations throughout New Zealand.
Career development and profiling tools questionnaires are available from Kilpan & Associates for a range of circumstances. The main tool used, the Sixteen Personality Factor Questionnaire (16PF), is scientifically and computer based. It is an accurate measure, used to predict a wide range of behaviours, and is one of the world’s most respected personality assessment instruments.
Energy psychology focuses on the body's energy systems as they relate to emotions, behaviour, psychological health, etc. In contrast to conventional procedures, energy psychology involves asking the client to think about the distress and instructing them to follow certain procedures until the distress is gone. This is a clinically proven and approved therapy, widely used your background.
Kilpan & Associates provide specialist forensic services for barristers. These may include diversion reports, pre-sentence reports, bail applications, trauma recovery and other clinical treatments.The reports enhance legal counsel's presentation of the client’s case in mitigation, and it provides valuable information to assist the judge in sentencing.
Immigration services comprise the development and writing of the psychiatric reports, required by current legislation, for people wishing either to immigrate to New Zealand or to sponsor their relatives here. These reports are written by highly qualified professionals, working to produce the best outcomes for our clients.For further information, please contact us direct by telephone, or complete the
Psychiatry involves the medical diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders. A psychiatric assessment will usually include an interview with a patient and sometimes their family or caregiver. This interview helps to clarify information about the complaint, its history and context, and its effect. This helps to decide whether treatment is required and if so what would be most appropriate.For further information, please contact us direct by telephone, or complete the .
A comprehensive range of self development workshops and seminars is offered by Kilpan & Associates throughout the country. Examples of these include, communication training, guided self-change, gender interaction, self healing techniques, stress management, conflict resolution and change facilitation.

Keywords: Career Development, Counselling, Counselling Services, Employee Assistance, Employee Assistance Programmes, Forensic Services, Immigration Services, Psychology, Stress Management, Trauma Recovery

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