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By: Kidz  06-Dec-2011
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Do you want a caring and fun school holiday and after school programme where your child will create friendships, stimulate their learning and you have peace-of-mind? Then try Kidz Inc OSCAR Services.

Kidz Inc has a range of out-of-school programmes on offer:

If you are a parent, a school, a business or organisation looking to know more about how Kidz Inc can best meet your needs, then follow the links on this page.

Digital Media Programme

Children attending the

Kidz Inc Digital Media

 programme will be exposed to and able to explore a range of project-oriented digital media activities. Using cutting edge software they will design, create and make digital media such as:

  • live action film
  • stop motion animation movies
  • cartoons
  • comic books
  • online games development
  • graphic artwork
  • music composition

Suitable for children aged 7 years and up, they will be guided and tutored by our specially trained staff to be competent in the use of the tools and the navigation of the software to be confident in carrying out their ideas to completion.

Completed work will be compiled at the end of each programme and packaged onto a DVD for them to share with their family and friends at their very own PREMIERE!!

The Kidz Inc Digital Media programme runs as an after school programme from a central location in town. Check the events to find out more.

For bookings and enquires go through our

or call 021 982216

Holiday Programmes

Children attending a Kidz Inc holiday programme will experience a project-based range of activities intended to inspire their imagination and build their confidence and capability.

Activities are divided into juniors aged 5 to 8 and seniors aged 9 to 14 years.Through a balance of structured participation and free time, children will be involved in design, creation and making of products such as jewellery, ceramics, wooden toys, candles, juggling sticks, bubble wands, a range of food products such as muffins, dried fruit, gourmet hamburgers and healthy snacks, drinks and much more.


 Kidz Inc Maori Hill 

holiday programme is a centre of out-of-school innovation designed to meet the needs and interests of children between the ages of 8-14 years of age. With a design studio and well fitted workshop, children will be able to design and make projects using a workshop set up similar to those used in intermediate schools. Under the guidance of professional and experienced tutors, they will be able to use wood, metal, plastic, leather, ceramics, explore electronics to create unique projects, and participate in food technology to bring out the chef in them.

Check the events to find out more about a holiday programme near you.

For bookings and enquires go through our

or call 021 982216

After School Programmes

In partnership with local schools, Kidz Inc offer after school programmes that provide similar activities and structures used in the holiday programmes. Activities are divided into juniors aged 5 to 8 and seniors aged 9 to 14 years.

Schools with Kidz Inc After School OSCAR Services are:

Macandrew Bay School
Broad Bay School
Portobello School
St Peter Chanel School
North East Valley Normal School (2012)

If your school does not have an after school programme, work with your school board of trustees and let them know you would like to see one for your child/ren. We will work with the school set one up.

Check the events for after school programmes running near you.

For bookings and enquires go through our

or call 021 982216

Keywords: Digital Media, School