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By: Keyoti  06-Dec-2011
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Add the .NET spelling control to any textual application (email, word processor etc). RapidSpell Desktop can also be used in non GUI contexts using its spell checking API. Written for dotNET in C#, RapidSpell uses combined and separate 140,000 word U.S. & U.K. dictionaries (and user dictionary), multi-threaded GUI and a powerful suggestion engine.

RapidSpell provides 3 spelling components to add spell check functionality to your applications; RapidSpellDialog (dialog based checker control), RapidSpellAsYouType (as you type check control) and RapidSpellChecker (core spell checker class).



RapidSpellDialog provides all the usual GUI features, add, undo, options, change, change all, ignore, ignore all, smart suggestions and double word detection. It interactively checks ANY TextBoxBase derived component such as TextBox and RichTextBox as well as 3rd Party Controls such as "TX Text Control". Checks selections, whole documents with wrap at end, highlights errors, accepts manual corrections, allows user to edit main document during spell check and also supports an editable user dictionary.



Dict Manager

RapidSpell includes Dict Manager free, which allows complete customization of the dictionaries.


The API was designed to provide for easy customization. The dialog GUIs can be redesigned by simply modifying the UI source code in the VS designer, source is included in the demo projects. The spell checker engine is 'decoupled' from the GUI making it possible to use custom word parsers with the GUI.

The RapidSpellDialog and RapidSpellAsYouType controls can be set to check multiple text boxes on a form, this means that only one instance is used which speeds up design and improves efficiency.

Dict Manager, allows RapidSpell Dict files to be customized and created using other word lists.

RapidSpell Desktop was designed to .NET 1.1, .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0 specification, and fully supports all versions of Visual Studio .NET.

The non GUI component provides core functionality and ease of use - you pass the text you want checked and then iterate through each misspelled word finding suggestions and correcting as you go. You have access to the corrected text at any time.

Two powerful suggestions engines are used to find good suggestions for words, including an exclusive 'sounds-like' algorithm.

RapidSpellDialog control can be used in Internet/Intranet security context settings.

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