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By: Kevin Bacon's  05-Apr-2012

Kevin Bacon’s Hoof Formula – Supplement

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Formula - supplement

  • Probably the best performing hoof supplement available
  • Improve quality of horn growth
  • Formulated and tested by the Department of Veterinary medicine at the University of Liege
  • Has the correct balance of nutrients
  • Contains a higher level of biotin than many other hoof supplements
  • Ideal for brittle or soft hooves
  • Can improve quality of the coat and overall condition
  • With scoop included
  • Highly palatable – horses just love it


Best Ever

“I bought this to try on my Miniature Horses as the feet suffered de-lamination. Improved so much that I have no problem with feet in the show horses that I fed this to.
Well recommended for use”

Posted by Lynn on 20th Jun 2011

the best

this is the best hoof supplement i’ve ever used. the feet on my tb are heaps better. none of the other supplements I used seemed to work but Kevin Bacon did. Great product and reccommend to everybody

Posted by Mark on 4th Jun 2011

Recommended daily dose
– 1/4 scoop (40g) per 100kg of body weight

Ponies 1/2 scoop (80g) per day
Horses 1 scoop (160g) per pay

After 1-2 months of continuous use, switch to maintenance dose (one half of daily dose)

RRP in New Zealand:

5kg $139.99 (inc GST)

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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