What is an Enviro System

By: Kestrel Wind Solutions  06-Dec-2011
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An Enviro System is any system that utilises sound environmental principles to reduce impact on the environment. Some systems are simpe and others can be complex, but they all strive to achieve the goal of sustainable living.

An example of an an Enviro System is recycling of bath and kitchen water, known as Grey Water recycling. Kestrel Wind Solutions can customise and install a system that allows you to divert your Grey Water to a holding tank. From here the water can be distributed to your vegetable garden or sprinkler system.

Obviously, only certain types of detergents should be used in such a system, Kestrel Wind Solutions sells and supplies what you require. The Grey Water system's effects can be enhanced through earthworm farms. All your biodegradeable food waste (anything that doesn't attract flies) can be placed in the the worm farm. In return you get healthy compost and worm tea.

What are the benefits of such an Enviro system?
  • Recycled water reduces the need for water from dams and maximises the water you use
  • Your water bill is lower and you could reduce tax because you don't have to build more dams
  • The earthworm farm reduces your organic waste and does not go to landfill
  • The earthworm farm produces highy nutricious compost with no smell
  • The worms also produce worm tea wich acts as a natural inseticide, no chemicals required
  • You lead by example in your community
  • Small changes, big differences

The trick here is to think of the big picture. Be forward thinking. Contact Kestrel Wind Solutions today and together we will switch you to Green.

Keywords: Kestrel Wind

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We will give you advice that will benefit you financially, fit with the way you like to do things and help save the planet. Kestrel Wind Solutions prides itself on the quality of our products and excellent, personal service. We service households, small businesses and corporate enterprises. For professional evaluation of your Green requirements.


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We visit you on site and together we identify how you are impacting the environment by the way you live and the appliances or equipment you use. Kestrel Wind Solutions will develop a Green plan that outlines the options you have to adjust the way you live or do business. We are all aware of the need to adjust the way we live and do business so that we reduce our emmissions and carbon footprint.



Kestrel wind turbines are easy to erect and install and you can have Green electricty at your disposal in no time at all. In some cases additional contractors, such as plumbers and electricians, may be required to complete the job. In such cases Kestrel Wind Solutions acts as project manager and contractors are screened by us. Kestrel Winds Solutions are suppliers of high quality Enviro systems and products.