Professional Hoofcare Products by Frog Disinfectant 50ml

By: Keratex  06-Dec-2011

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Frog Disinfectant 50ml

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The frog is composed of a soft keratin, which is particularly susceptible to bacterial attack, which left untreated, can destroy the delicate tissue of the frog, and affect it's primary function of pumping the blood around the lower foot as the horse moves.

How It Works

Keratex Frog Disinfectant contains dimethyl ketone, which dehydrates and kills the simple monocellular organisms which are causing the trouble, without affecting the surrounding tissues of the frog and sole. It also contains tea tree oil, which is well known for its ability to kill a wide range of dangerous micro-organisms.


Keratex Frog Disinfectant should be squirted onto the affected tissues direct from the bottle.


Keratex Frog Disinfectant is available in a 50ml plastic squeezer bottle, with attached spout.

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This aluminium end of this long molecule grasps onto the nitrogen of the keratin in the skin of the leg, and the stearate end of the molecule is strongly water-repellent, drying the skin and keeping it dry in wet conditions. Keratex Mud Shield Powder is applied by sprinkling onto your hand and applying it to the horse's clean, dry leg, making sure a good covering is achieved and the powder has reached the skin.


Professional Hoofcare Products by Hoof Hardener 250ml

The modern usage of the horse produces an unnatural environment for the hooves, and the stress on the horn produced by alternation between work and rest for the horse, and particularly the structural stresses generated by fluctuations in temperature and humidity can set up unnatural strains in the hooves which result in damage.


Professional Hoofcare Products by Hoof Disinfectant 200ml

This powerful disinfectant operates on a recently discovered principle in disinfection, in that it not only kills harmful organisms but contains a silicone compound which treats the surface of the skin in such away as to prevent any surviving organisms multiplying.


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Keratex Hoof Putty contains a special microcrystalline wax to plug a hole, plus a resin to allow the wax to adhere to the surrounding tissues, plus dissolved sulphur to provide complete disinfection for the area. A small piece of Keratex Hoof Putty is rolled in the fingers until sticky, then pressed into the hole in the sole of the foot, after cleaning and drying the area.


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The iodine not only functions as a disinfectant, but hardens the keratin inside the nail hole: this reduces the possibility of the empty nail hole acting as an originating location for future cracks in the horn. Keratex Nail Hole Disinfectant is a topical disinfectant which can be applied directly into the nail holes, hardening the inside walls of the holes as well as preventing later cracking occurring.


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Keratex Hoof Gel contains a powerful water-repelling chemical dissolved in a solvent, plus another solvent which allows the chemical to penetrate the horn. These certainly seal the hoof effectively, but also stop the natural transpiration of water vapour from the inside of the hoof to the outside. Keratex Hoof Gel protects the hoof against external water while allowing the hoof to ‘breathe’ and retain its natural strength.