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By: Kellermed Technologies  05-Apr-2012

The Reconciliation Gateway provides DICOM worklist management to assure that accurate patient demographics data is applied to the exam image set for connected or non-connected DICOM Modality Worklist devices. The Reconciliation Gateway can be configured to obtain its demographic data from any DICOM Modality Worklist provider (such as a PACS broker or other brokerless environments) or through any set of distributed AcuoMed nodes available on the enterprise that are HIS/RIS connected.

Primary Functionality:

  • Easy-to-use GUI
  • SQL Server backend database
  • High-Performance
  • Multi-threaded implementation
  • DICOM Modality Worklist connected via any number of DICOM Modality Worklist SCP’s available on the network
  • Capable of reconciling data against multiple HIS/RIS connections
  • Reconciliation via enterprise connection to network of peer-aware AcuoMed nodes
  • Full Auditing of all changes to meta data, either through automated normalization, reconciliation/tagmapping or via user intervention
  • STAT routing enables studies that have not passed reconciliation to be forwarded for immediate interpretation. Any updates to these studies will automatically be resent once reconciliation is complete
  • All studies requiring reconciliation are cached to a Reconciliation Database enabling access to images at all times

Optional Functionality:
Additional features allow users to customize packages that best suit one or multiple environments and  requirements.

  • DICOM Router
  • Compression
  • Scalable and easily upgradeable to any version of AcuoMed software

Current reconciliation events display in the Reconciliation Queue (right window pane), as shown in the figure above. Typically, a user or set of users are responsible for reviewing the Reconciliation Queue periodically (for example, daily) to identify and fix problems.

AcuoMed uses a HIS/RIS target (either a connected HIS/RIS System or another connected AcuoMed) to perform reconciliation processing. AcuoMed, using its reconciliation target data, generates a reconciliation event when a problem is encountered (for example, an image has wrong information, such as a Patient Name or Patient ID that does not match the Acuo HIS/RIS Database or Master Database).

Automated Reconciliation Engine:
After the user has applied an edit, the modified asset is moved to the Batch
Reprocessing Manager’s Batch Reprocessing Queue. Jobs in the Batch Reprocessing Queue are resubmitted to AcuoMed for reprocessing. If an asset being reprocessed successfully passes reconciliation, it is sent on to its route destination(s) and is automatically deleted from the Reconciliation database. If the reprocessed asset does not pass reconciliation, it must be reedited and resubmitted again. 

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