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By: Karapoti Consulting  06-Dec-2011


Our reputation for outstanding customer service is built on relationships established and maintained. The closer to the business we are, the better the solution we provide.

As New Zealand's only Authorised iMIS Consultancy service we are skilled in the areas where we can provide the greatest service to our client base. These are:

  • iMIS Installations. This is not a trivial task, made all the more complex because of the flexibility of the product. The client's business processes need to be fully understood. Their business constraints documented. And of course, during the installation process (which can take many weeks) business needs to continue as usual, including business changes. The installation process is an iterative one comprising piloting, business walk-throughs, and signoff at each stage.
  • Staff Training. By ensuring the back-office staff are familiar with the operation of the product and business requirements they will be comfortable with the product. In addition, the training and procedural documentation will help ensure knowledge transfer as staff turnover.
  • iMIS Upgrades. Minor upgrades are "plug & play" but major upgrades - such as are required for the latest Version 15.1 - are projects best undertaken in a separate development environment. Data migration, trial balances and full financial reconciliations are required before signoff and cutover.
  • End-user support. A phone call can be much easier that reading the extensive user manuals that come with iMIS. And there is no charge for a phone call. If it is appropriate (or easier for the client) we are happy to come on-site. We appreciate that it is easier for the client to demonstrate the problem rather than just talk us through it. Whatever works for the client.
  • iMIS Customisations. One of the inherent advantages of iMIS over competitor products is its ability to be customised to match the client requirements, without compromising its upgrade path. The better the product can support the business processes the less the pain for the client.
  • Crystal Reports. iMIS has two reportng mechanisms: iQA for quick & easy user lookuops, and Crystal Reports for printed reports, including invoices and data exports. Call us when you have requirements for tailored invoices, board reports, system-generated customer letters and other correspondence.
  • Coldfusion Development. Until the release of iMIS15.1, the web face of iMIS used ColdFusion for content management and for enhanced functionality. This was (and continues to be) an excellent technology and much very good iMIS development has been done using CF, including our clients. Their websites have been extended to include full Member professional development options; on-line pay-as-you-go training courses; extensive event registartion and booking; the list goes on . Call us if you want to enhance your eCM functionality.
  • iBO development.
  • iMIS Business Objects provide an extended mechanism for customising iMIS especially when integrating into Microsoft's .Net websites.

The Bottom Line - $$

For ad-hoc work, our hourly rates are:
  • NZD 140 for ad-hoc support & development (minimum 1 hour)
  • NZD 125 for extended support/development/project work (4+ hours)
  • NZD (neg) for extended projects that may require several weeks of effort.
These costs do not include GST.

Optionally, for extended projects we can provide specified deliverables at a fixed price. But be warned! Unanticipated project variances are the rule rather than the exception. It can be difficult seeking additional funding for a fixed-price project.

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