Champion and Kapiti Dental Centre Services

By: Kapiti Dental  06-Dec-2011

Our range of dental treatments and services includes:

To make an appointment:

Please contact the Champion Dental Centre on 04 237 9081 or the Kapiti Dental Centre on 04 298 6754 to make an appointment.

Some Tips for Emergencies:

Toothache: Rinse mouth with warm water and clean out any debris. Use dental floss to remove any food trapped in or around the tooth. Take pain relief if necessary. DO NOT PLACE ASPRIN OR SIMILAR ON GUM TISSUE OR ACHING TOOTH.  You may like to use toothache drops (oil of clove) purchased from a pharmacy to help alleviate pain.  Go to a dentist as soon as possible.


: If you have any swelling associated with your teeth or gums, contact your dentist or doctor as soon as possible.

Knocked out tooth:

Wash tooth in water holding it by the crown (not roots) then put tooth back in socket. If you cannot get the tooth repositioned, either place tooth inside the cheek, or in milk, water or a damp towel. It is important that the tooth does not dry out. Get to a dentist within 30 minutes.

Broken tooth:

Clean debris from the injured area with warm water. If caused by a blow, place a cold compress on the face next to the injured tooth to minimise swelling. Go to a dentist as soon as possible.

Bitten Tongue or Lip:

Apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with a clean cloth. If swollen apply cold compresses. If bleeding does not stop readily or if the bite is severe, go to a dentist or the hospital.