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By: K2 Medical Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Monitoring Training

The K2MS Fetal Monitoring Training System, providing comprehensive training in the assessment of fetal status during labour, has just seen a major upgrade to include brand new teaching material and to extend the functionality of the training simulator.  New topics now include content such as,

Shoulder Dystocia
Cord Presentation
Maternal Collapse
Human Factors 

And the NEW K2 CTG Simulator 2.0

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Simulator 2.0 now comes with exciting new capability and fully embraces the NICE guidelines and recommendations.

Released in April 2011, the new version of the training simulator retains much of the award winning functionality, including a comprehensive and unique database of thousands of interesting, normal, abnormal, rare and thought provoking CTGs; all of which allow the user to examine and review real cases, test their skills and decide outcome. However, in an exciting extension to this, Simulator 2.0 now offers the user additional features including:

The ability to classify individual CTG features and select from specified categories: baseline, variability, decelerations, accelerations and sinusoidal. This reflects real life practise.

Once the user has satisfactorily reviewed the CTG and selected their chosen classification, the overall classification, in accordance with the NICE guidelines, is then automatically determined.  Management options embedded within the simulator now also allow the user to make general selections that might influence the birth process, and therefore outcome. These allow better reflection of user decisions and provide a further mechanism for analysis and consideration.

NICE Simulator Management Options

Expert analysis is also offered within the Simulator; presented by the experts at K2, as well as views from clinicians within the users own hospital.  Segment by segment feedback is given allowing continual guidance and specialist assessment.

NICE Simulator Segment Feedback

NICE Simulator INFANT analysis of segments

A further exciting new feature enables the user to directly challenge the experts.  If the user has any questions, or disagrees with any of the analysis, Simulator 2.0 automatically sends any comments to the experts, where they will then reply personally.

An assessment mode is now also incorporated in to the training simulator allowing the user to review cases without feedback from INFANT® and the experts.  Once completed the user can then compare their decisions, with those of the experts, to see how they performed.

NICE Simulator Completed Case Scores

With all the additional training features now available within Simulator 2.0, and the increased mechanisms for analysis and interpretation, all previous classifications and scores made by the user are recorded and are always available for review, including those from group training sessions.

NICE Simulator Review Cases

As well as the exciting new features of the training simulator, the training system itself now also offers new teaching material covering an additional five topics.  These include:

Shoulder Dystocia

Breech..Coming Soon
Cord Presentation... Coming Soon
Maternal Collapse.. Coming Soon
Human Factors.. Coming Soon

With the additional benefits now offered within K2’s Fetal Monitoring Training System, it is no wonder that it continues to gain credibility and recognition from expert clinicians around the world.  With over 100,000 clinical users from across the globe this increased content will ensure its place as the best and most widespread teaching package available

* The new training simulator upgrade is FREE to current training systems users with a renewed license of 3 years.

Keywords: Monitoring Training

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