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By: Jv Marketing  06-Dec-2011
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Madilach Business Coaching

use a slightly different methodology to other professional service firms, in that our core focus is adding and delivering value - not only in our services, but also in your investment.

:: how traditional consulting firms work..

Often consulting firms work on hourly rate fees and watch the clock. (Every six minutes is billable time in some organisations!) The fundamental problem with that structure is they value their time higher than yours; if one can "clock up more hours", it's more billable time. Great for their top line, but not your bottom line - and that's what business is all about (in real terms anyway.)

>>how Madilach Business Coaching works..

At the end of the day, it's all about value; and you want to receive value.

In our experience, we have never met a business yet that would not gladly invest to receive results and value, and with examples of increasing sales, increased productivity, achieving a profitability goal as measurements, one can quantify that value investment.

We prefer to take a more flexible approach and provide you with what you require to achieve your objectives within an agreed budget. Though it's a little like the "piece of string" situation - we don't know how long the string is till we know where it was cut last, what type of string it is (and if there's a better type of string to use) and what the string is for.

First though, and before anyone commits to anything, we will not work with a business until we have conducted a comprehensive analysis of the business' current situation. This is

If decide not to proceed further with an engagement, any successful business person will tell you it's always beneficial to have an in-depth objective analysis of your business and it's sales and marketing programs. Are you really get the best results possible? Are you getting the right return on your marketing spend? How do you know?

Madilach Business Coaching

are a profit producing investment, not a cost. How much is one great strategy or concept worth to you to grow your business?

We've owned our own businesses and understand you will be seeking a measurable return for your investment.

If you wish to discuss how we could assist you in the development of your business,

for a complimentary, no obligation one hour business consultation (a small investment of your time to find out how you could look at increasing your marketing and sales results is a pretty good investment.)

Keywords: Business Coaching, Investment, Marketing, Sales and Marketing

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As experienced strategic marketing consultants and management advisors we provide an external, objective view of your business – its problems, weaknesses, identification of opportunities and areas of growth that in many cases are often missed in the day to day operational aspects of managing your business.


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This audit takes approximately 90 minutes, and all that is required is the provision all current marketing materials, marketing and business plans and relevant financial data. Madilach Business Coaching conducts a thorough direct marketingaudit that is a complete, in-depth analysis of all facets of your business development efforts.


Success stories of how joint venture marketing have helped businesses

They were conducting all of the distribution themselves and delivering much of the raw materials themselves to their plant They had one key account that provided more than 85% of their sales revenue as a volume account, but with extremely low margins (and the third director of the business was also a director of the key account company).