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By: Jv Marketing  06-Dec-2011
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Often when we meet a business for the first time, it has achieved a fair level of growth, but is looking to move forward and greatly increase their sales and marketing results.

As experienced strategic marketing consultants and management advisors we provide an external, objective view of your business – its problems, weaknesses, identification of opportunities and areas of growth that in many cases are often missed in the day to day operational aspects of managing your business.

some of the areas we can assist with are:

  • Clarification of specific business development goals and objectives

  • Market research, client and customer surveys, product and market development

  • The development and implementation of business and marketing plans

  • Brand strategy and positioning, evaluation and development

  • Creation and development of effective marketing tools, communications programs and promotions

  • Creative marketing initiatives and strategies to maintain and grow market share

  • Sales planning, management, performance evaluations, strategies and training

  • Website strategy, development and marketing

  • Development and implementation of marketing management tools and key performance indicators

  • Evaluation of processes and systems in the business, identification of performance and improvements, development of appropriate mechanisms/tools

  • The availability as a business mentor and general business advice

  • Evaluation and sourcing of expert advice on other areas arising in your business


what does this mean to you?

Using our services means you will:

  • Have clarity and direction of your business

  • Achieve your business goals faster, smarter and more effectively

  • Develop sustainable, competitive advantages

  • Clear developed strategies of growth, with key milestones and targets

  • Increase your sales revenue

  • Have clearly articulated marketing programs to ensure continued sales

  • Reduce business costs and non-performing marketing areas of your business

  • Enhanced performance of your sales force

  • Tangible increases in your profits

  • A smoother more productive (and less stressful) operation of your business 

To see how other businesses have used joint venture marketing's services and received significant results for their business

Keywords: Marketing

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Business audit guaranteed - goals, objectives, branding, marketing and sales strategy

This audit takes approximately 90 minutes, and all that is required is the provision all current marketing materials, marketing and business plans and relevant financial data. Madilach Business Coaching conducts a thorough direct marketingaudit that is a complete, in-depth analysis of all facets of your business development efforts.


Value with joint venture marketing

In our experience, we have never met a business yet that would not gladly invest to receive results and value, and with examples of increasing sales, increased productivity, achieving a profitability goal as measurements, one can quantify that value investment.


Success stories of how joint venture marketing have helped businesses

They were conducting all of the distribution themselves and delivering much of the raw materials themselves to their plant They had one key account that provided more than 85% of their sales revenue as a volume account, but with extremely low margins (and the third director of the business was also a director of the key account company).