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By: Jv Marketing  06-Dec-2011
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The first step in building your business is knowing where you are right now.

Madilach Business Coaching conducts a thorough direct marketingaudit that is a complete, in-depth analysis of all facets of your business development efforts. This comprehensive document provides the opportunity to establish an overview of action points and initiatives to review and address in your business.

areas covered:

  • Clarification of business and marketing goals and objectives
  • Review of historical and current business strategy, results and projections
  • Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities Threats analysis
  • Review of marketing programs, tools and materials
  • Clarification of brand strategy, positioning and competitiveness
  • Analysis of web strategy, objectives, effectiveness and results (including audit of your current site, where appropriate)
  • Marketing spend analysis (allocation and effectiveness to results and budget comparison)
  • Review of marketing tactics relative to marketing segmentation, objectives, strategy and controls
  • Sales process analysis including up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
  • Review and discussion of client acquisition (prospecting programs), retention and attrition programs and rates
  • Client analysis including Customer Relationship Management status and effectiveness, client lifetime value, cost of acquisition, customer service programs
  • Client after- sales support, service and reward programs

This audit takes approximately 90 minutes, and all that is required is the provision (if you have available) all current marketing materials, marketing and business plans and relevant financial data.

At the conclusion of the audit, you will have new ideas, insights and ways in which you can dramatically increase your sales and marketing results - guaranteed! (See below) From then it is determined and clarified where and how (or not) Madilach Business Coaching can assist you and your business further with performance improvements, initiatives and strategies to dramatically increase your sales and marketing results.

With an objective, external view of your business, Madilach Business Coaching will provide insight, clarity and focus to establish areas of opportunity and growth for your business.

Keywords: Business Coaching, Business Development, Marketing, Marketing Spend, Sales and Marketing

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