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By: JustNatural  06-Dec-2011

J ust N atural  Organic Care

I am thrilled that I have found
this natural product. I have had
terrible psoriasis my entire life and
NOTHING helps. I buy cortizone
weekly and I have tried lotions
soaps creams prescriptions etc. I
decided to give this a try with
nothing to lose but more money.
It started working the first day!!!
At first I thought maybe it was
my imagination but sure enough
after one week a huge patch of
psoriasis on my hand is almost
completely gone!!!Sheila K   Scottsville VA I have mild/moderate adult
acne..well I should say I HAD
acne, because after one week
of using this product, I don't
have a single blemish on my
face! It really does work
quickly; I noticed results after
the first two days of using it.
It's even fading my red acne
marks as well! I love getting
up in the morning and seeing
how good my skin looks. I will
continue to use this stuff as
long as they keep making it.Myra S   Raleigh NC  
I am 66 yrs old and have great
skin to begin with, but it's dry
and I've noticed more lines under
my eyes and on my upper
cheeks. I've been using it a.m.
and p.m. with my moisturizer for
2 weeks and the change is
amazing! My skin is smoother,
more hydrated, more
even-toned, and the best part is
the wrinkles under my eyes and
upper cheeks are drastically
reduced!!! I can't wait to see
what continued use will do for my
skin! Great stuff for mature skin;
works faster and better than the
high- priced products by Lancome
and Estee Lauder, which I've
been using for years. You won't
be disappointed.Monica B   Arlington VA I swear this natural serum has
radically improved my skin. I
have never looked my age,
which is now 53, but since
using this I look younger.
Recently one of my
daughter's friends thought I
was her sister! I am now on
my second
bottle. I have used more
expensive products in my
search for the perfect skin
care but i will stay with this
one!Angela H   Nazareth PA  
I've been using this polish for
over 3 years and have yet to find
another rival. I love that it's
natural so effective. Its gentle
but powerful. I like that I don't
feel scratchy particles when I use
it. For my combination skin I feel
its best to use it every other day.
It has a natural, clean smell. A
little goes a long way and I find
that it lasts even with using it
every other day. Since its natural
and gives me a glowing, fresh
face -- its a keeper.Laurel B   Nevada City CA  I recently made my first purchase
to this company and I was
extremely happy with the
products. I feel that making the
commitment to invest in quality
natural hair and skin care is one of
the best decisions I (or anyone)
can make. I am very glad to have
found Just Natural products and
have already seen excellent
changes in the health and
appearance of my hair. Thank youElizabeth H   Denison TX
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Don't Use Chemical Products When There Are Proven Natural Treatments!

We want to share with you the quality of living healthy with Organic Skin
Care products.Nature offers the best ingredients for your benefit, but sometimes we forget
how effective natural can be.There is nothing worse for your skin  than an unnecessary chemical
ingredient.We are not inventing cures for skin problems. We are reminding you that
cures may be found in nature without using chemical substitutions, in the
pure and organic form of herbs and plant oils found in nature.We invite you to learn how our Organic Products can Solve your Skin & Hair
At JustNatural, beautiful skin care isn’t something that’s made in a lab. It’s
carefully and lovingly cultivated from the earth without chemicals. We believe
nature offers everything we need to create effective beauty and wellness skin
care products.The healing, therapeutic properties of plants are the very foundation of our
complete line of natural skin care preparations. Every botanical and natural
ingredient that goes into a formula has an important job to do.The key is to encourage and strengthen your skins natural self-healing
processes, instead of suppressing symptoms or interfering with the skin's
natural balance.Go beyond the ordinary to transform and reveal skin so gorgeous that your
unique beauty radiates from the inside out by beautifying naturally.

We Need Your Comments And Opinions To Improve.

At JustNatural, we believe that our people are the heart and soul of the
company.They inspire us with their passion, creatively and love of our products. These
are values that machines cannot provide. We strive always to improve
productivity with our people instead of trying to replace them with machinery.Many of the natural ingredients that we use must be handled with the care
that only a pair of loving hands can offer. These ingredients are fresh and
pure. They vary from time to time in color, density, scent and texture.

All Of Our Products Are Made By Hand The Old Fashion Way.

Our people recognize and respect the differences with these living ingredients. Only experienced hands can gently
transform them into creams, lotions, shampoos and our other products into works of living art.Our craftsmen/women use natural ingredients to produce the finest skin and hair care products.Some companies prefer using high speed, high temperatures and mass production to make their products, in doing so
they kill all of the natural benefits that the natural ingredients had to offer.
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