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By: JustNatural  06-Dec-2011

Our natural products to air dry hair are created to use as often as you want.  These are
styling products and intensive treatments to style your wet or dry hair.  Air drying hair is the
most healthy method by letting your hair and scalp breathe and heal. Air drying hair
naturally can result with many beautiful hair styles.

If you often blow dry and process your hair with flat irons, curling irons or hot rollers your
hair probably needs a break.
Heat and processing can leave your hair dry, brittle and very damaged.
Our line of blow dry hair products can improve the health of your hair.

Styling products, hair sprays, gels, hard water, and the waxes or moisturizers in some
shampoos and conditioners  leave build up on your hair. This build up can cause hair to
appear dull, heavy, greasy, and limp. Our natural build-up removers can help remove
deposits. For the best hair, we suggest using this shampoo once each month.

Our natural conditioners are simply amazing. Made from the best organic ingredients that
deliver a smooth silky feeling while protecting your hair and cuticles from damage.
Conditioners are created to be absorbed by hair and are not a luxury. They will surprise and
delight while strengthening and moisturizing your hair.

Our co-wash or conditioner cleanser, was created for extreme dry, frizzy or relaxed hair. It
can be used as a soft  moisturizer shampoo, but never replace a shampoo on a regular
routine. Bring the best of a moisturizer and soft cleanser to repair dry damaged hair.

Our organic creams for hair are specifically designed with natural extracts that hydrate and
deeply nourish hair, bringing back vitality and shine lost due to harsh conditions.
It seals split ends and leaves hair soft, silky and lustrous.

Our detanglers are the first line of defense in the battle against hair breakage. Made with
extra moisturizers that penetrate deep into hair follicles to fill your hair with proteins and
vitamins that nourish your hair. This detangler is a miracle worker for your hair.

Many hair problems are created from chemical based gels.  Chemical based gels are made
mostly of alcohol which causes drynesses, dandruff, itchy scalp and hair loss.  
Our gels are made from organic aloe vera juice, and nutritive ingredients that are absorbed
by the scalp and hair to actually improve your hair or scalp.
Natural gels can make a difference.

The use of hair or scalp fresheners can be a wonderful experience. Chemical free without
synthetic  perfumes, this product can alleviate many scalp and hair problems while your hair
looks fresh and smells good. Perfect for the times that you are on the go and don't have
time to wash your hair or style. Great for locs or twist.  Provides light moisture to help
provide relief for your hair or scalp.

Hot oils can make miracles and have been used since ancient times to regenerate hair.
Natural essential oils are absorbed by your hair to solve many hair problems.  Our hot oil
treatment can repair damaged weak hair as each strand is penetrated and instantly
nourished when applied.  

Leave-in conditioners are different than normal conditioners. They hydrate your hair
instantly to stay moisturized throughout your day and until you wash your hair again. Leave
in conditioners are very easy to use and deliver amazing benefits to improve the health of
your hair. These leave in products are formulated with a balance of nutrients and
moisturizers that leaves hair silky soft and while preventing breakage.

We have a complete line of leave in treatments designed to solve all types of hair conditions.
These leave in treatments can be used in combination with any of our natural hair care

Hair lotions are designed to leave on your hair and can be used for styling, blow dry, air dry,
for relaxed or natural hair, while infusing nutrients that moisturize dry or frizzy hair.  
Formulated with premium ingredients like Shea butter, Lavender and Kukui, that are vitamin
and protein rich organic conditioners.

Natural moisturizers are used to improve the texture and shine of normal to severely dry
hair. Our moisturizers are made with  high-quality vegetable oils, essentials oils, extracts
from herbs and vitamins. These ingredients penetrate the hair shaft to deliver moisture
where it's needed most. Like all of our products, they can be the best solutions for your hair

Our organic formulas combine the healing properties of  ancient oils with the advanced
therapeutic qualities of amino acids and herbal extracts. We have one of the most complete
lines of oils that cure and provide relief for hair and scalp problems. Using our oil
treatments can dramatically reverse hair loss, dryness, thinning and many other conditions
that are caused by using chemical based hair products.

Organic pomades has unique qualities. They are not creams or butters.  If you have never
tried a natural pomade before, you will surprised and delighted with the natural benefits
that your hair will experience.
These pomades are thick and creamy, and penetrate immediately into your hair and scalp
to repair hair follicles.

Our protein and vitamin treatments are a topical solution to nourish your hair from the
outside.  Research has shown the benefits of these ingredients in this formula that is made
with the best that nature has to offer.
This product has no equal on the market and anyone can benefit from this treatment. A
pure creation from the  best hair nutrients found on earth.

Scalp products can surprise you with their effectiveness.
Your hair cannot be healthy if the scalp is suffering.  Itchy scalp, hair loss, bald spots,
fungus, relaxed or chemical burns, blow dry burns and more..are the causes of many
scalp and hair problems.  We created pure organic scalp solutions for each problem that
can solve your condition.

Everybody uses shampoos but not all shampoos are created equal. The shampoos that you
grew up using or may still be using can actually cause many hair and scalp problems. These
are made with harsh detergents, harmful chemicals and at a low price. You should ask if
the price to your health is too high. It is time to stop this abuse to your hair's health. Nothing
is more important than a natural shampoo made from the best ingredients to achieve the
most amazing benefits.

These were created as a solution to give natural shine to your hair without harmful
chemicals that can cause damage.  Most hair sprays, shine enhancers and polishes are
made with alcohol and mineral oil. Unfortunately these ingredients can aggravate many hair
problems.  Using our polishes will rejuvenate your hair, making it stronger with a healthy

Our natural styling products are unique on the hair market today.  We cannot compare our
styling line as we think that there does not exist another line that offers the natural benefits
with real styling solutions.  From relaxed hair, dry hair, frizz, hair , blow dry hair, air dry
hair..to treatments, shiners, creamy gels..all our styling products are full of magical
ingredients that improve the condition, look and feel of your hair.

We believe that everybody can benefit from one of our natural hair treatments. We have
treatments that solve scalp problems, soften, strengthen, growth, prevent breakage,
increase volume and prevent scalp or hair problems. It is an universe of organic solutions
for all hair problems. These treatments are most effective at achieving fast results for hair
loss, itching , relaxed burns, dryness, dandruff and more..

Our vinegar rinses can cure many scalp & hair problems. More than a rinse, vinegar or a
cleanser. These vinegar rinses are formulated with active ingredients to resolve all types of
hair problems. The benefits are astounding.. to cure dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis,
eczema, hair loss, thin hair and more.

I love this protein stuff. My
hair has been damaged from
coloring and straightening. I
would experience some hair
loss. But after using this i
noticed when i brushed my
hair, there was no hair on the
brush. Wow! So i am guessing
it made my roots stronger. It
also added volume, shine and
body. Notice breakage has
stopped.Jerri L   Fort Mill SC I was very hesitant to
spend this much money on
a hair product that might
or might not work. Now I
wish that I had purchased
it months ago. My hair is
long and damaged from
frequent heat styling. It is
also fine and tends to
become limp and weighted
down by heavy
conditioners. This made my
hair soft and manageable
without losing volume or
causing build-up. I will
definitely purchase again!Lisa M   Santa Barbara CA
This is the most fantastic
product..I have highlighted,
dry, potentially bad hair..this
protein and vitamin treatment
literally brings it back to life!  
it's spectacular!Beverly S   New Bern NC This natural protein
treatment makes my hair
stronger shiny and silky
soft without being
weighed down and smells
absolutely divine. I haven't
had a hair cut in 8 months
and although I don't have
any split ends, the ends
were begining to look
rather dry. This makes my
hair look healthy again.
Love it!Sherry H   Ballwin MO
This has to be the ultimate
secret weapon for my hair's
new beauty. I noticed a
complete 180 transformation
of my hair. This actually works.
The protein hair treatment
along with the shampoo and
conditioner give your hair the
best nourishment it needs to
look amazing!Dana R   Powhatan VA Absolutely love this
organic hair protein
product. I have been
struggling with getting my
hair healthy for months
and have tried numerous
products and nothing has
worked, until I tried this
product. Just after one use
my hair was noticeably
softer and after 1 month
of use I can tell that
overall my hair is healthier
& stronger.Stacey L   Niles MI  
This is a product worth the
investment. I have fine and
thinning hair that is
color-treated. This vitamin and
protein treatment restored
and strengthen my hair and
used in conjunction with the
conditioner, it has made a
HUGE difference in my hair
thicker, stronger, less hair loss.
Love this product!Jennifer M   Denver CO   I have thick and course
feeling hair. I am ALWAYS
on the lookout for hair
products that will silken
the feel and really promote
the health of my hair. This
stuff is amazing. I've only
used it once and my hair is
already noticeably soft and
manageable.Deborah S   Bradenton FL
Yes, this is one product I can't
live without! Helps keep my
hair from getting too brittle
and helps minimize breakage.
This natural hair protein
treatment with other
conditioners, really does help
keep my hair looking and
feeling nice and stops
breakage.Sally G   Longmont CO This is a fantastic product
for repairing my hair! After
the first use my hair was
so soft, shiny, vibrant, and
my ends looked healthier
than ever! I use the
shampoo and the
conditioner together and
my hair is so much softer. I
haven't really had it that
long though, but I'm
impressed with what I
have so far.Lindsey M   House Springs
Every woman in the world
should use this natural protein
at least once a month. I have
fine thin hair and this always
makes my hair smooth silky
and stronger without loosing
body.I make all my girlfriends
with dry, curly or frizzy hair use
this. They always thank me.Firas H   Petaluma CA Just to make the story
short:IT ROCKS !!! truly
worked for me and I highly
recommend it. This is a
fabulous product. My hair
has never felt better. I
highly recommend it.Mary H, Miami   FL

For those of you unfamiliar with hair butters, these are 100% natural moisturizers, with
Shea butter that is rich in antioxidants such as Vitamin E. Benefits  sensitive or dry scalps,
dry hair, frizz hair, hair loss, dandruff, itchy scalp and many other hair conditions.
Our hair butters can be the perfect scalp and hair remedy.

Our hair care products are made from the most effective natural ingredients from around the world. We have created   
formulas that can make miracle cures for your hair and scalp.  Miracles based on nature. Today we often forget that
solutions to many hair and skin problems can be found in nature.  From the time that we are born we use hair products that are not too friendly with our scalp or hair.
Good advice to cure many hair problems is to stop the using chemical based hair care products.

All of our products are made in the United States by hand in small batches. We do not use equipment that can destroy
the nutritive value of each batch.Our products are unique from any other hair care products that you have tried.
We has many people completely satisfied with the results and many new costumers after understand the science
behind our products, became in truly believers of all natural products. We are changing peoples lives.Many start being natural immediately by using our shampoos. For the fastest improvements,  stop using products with
chemicals. Using our shampoos is a great start, but if you still use gels, sprays and conditioners with chemicals, the
shampoo can take much longer to show results.The most common desire from our customers is to achieve fast results.
To obtain the best from our products you need understand the basic rules of how to use natural products. If you are
buying for first time organic and natural hair products please read this information:
"How to Use Natural Hair Products ". Natural products feel and work differently than chemicals products. We want you to know how natural hair care
products are different and what to expect to achieve the best results.
Just Natural & Organic Hair Care

J ust N atural  Organic Care

Don't Use Chemical Products When There Are Proven Natural Treatments!

Natural & Organic Hair Products Are Better, Safe And Healthy

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