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Keywords: Oil, Olive Oil, Red Onions

Lemon olive oil

Organic Meyer lemons are cold pressed with our hand-picked Frantoio olives creates this silky lemon-butter oil. Pair with

Serving suggestions:

Make a delicious citrus marinade for grilled prawns or chicken by mixing Juno Olives lemon oil, fresh lemon juice finely chopped red onion, garlic and fresh coriander

Drizzle over fettuccini with fresh tuna, lemons, capers and

for zesty pasta

Sauté fresh spinach with cloves of garlic to give a vibrant lemon flavour

Add to white bean salad or broad bean mash served with fresh herbs and seasonal vegetables

Add to your favourite lemon oil cake. Delicious!

Lime olive oil

Serving suggestions:

Fabulous used in Thai dishes with fresh lime and coriander

Use with avocado to make a Guacamole dip

Make a drizzle with fresh chopped basil and serve over a green salad of sweet corn, basil, red onion, and feta

Try on fresh steamed asparagus or as a dip for grilled artichokes

Try this oil with a coleslaw of shredded cabbage, coriander, red onions and

Juno Olives Indian Spiced Olives

Wonderful on salmon, shrimp or grilled chicken.

Citron olive oil

Serving suggestions:

Try on baked sweet potato pumpkin and beetroot salad

Enhances the flavour of venison and game meats, like duck, or wild boar and rabbit terrine

Perfect drizzle over poached scallops serve on a bed of greens

Use to give a choc orange flavour to your favourite chocolate brownie recipe

Baked cauliflower is delicious with a splash of citron oil

Drizzle over a tossed green salad of blue cheese, toasted walnuts, diced apple and


Rosemary & Orange Infused Olive Oil

Organic rosemary and blood oranges are cold pressed with hand-picked Picual olives creates this herbaceous, orangey oil. Pair with .

Serving suggestions:

Use to finish off roasted red meats, like lamb and beef

Swirl into Italian minestrone or French onion soup

Toss with warm pasta, feta cheese and

for a Mediterranean twist

Drizzle over slow roasted beetroot and root vegetable salad

Rosemary and chilli citron

Serving suggestions:

Drizzle over warm rice or grains for a savoury pilaf

Try sautéing fresh spinach and garlic and toss into pasta

Drizzle over coleslaw, or slow roasted squash and butternut

Spice up marinade for poulty by blending with roasted garlic, fresh rosemary, sage, parsley, Dijon mustard and lemon juice

Keywords: Oil, Olive Oil, Red Onions

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