JSoft product overview

By: Jsoft  05-Apr-2012

JSoft specializes in the development of realtime, scalable, high availability distributed solutions for telecommunications, utilities, environmental monitoring and enterprise applications.

JSoft follows industry standards and uses proven technologies to provide integrated and stand alone solutions.

JSoft products are commercially proven, can be deployed quickly and have a low cost of ownership allowing real business benefits to be realized sooner.

Solution features and benefits

  • JSoft specializes in real time solutions to provide benefits of increased operational efficiency and higher quality of service.
  • JSoft solutions are platform independent allowing customers to choose the platform most appropriate for them or migrate to new platforms to meet new business requirements.
  • JSoft solutions are built using a component architecture and comply to standards and can be deployed as integrated solutions or point solutions interoperable with other vendor components.
  • JSoft solutions are highly scalable and can be deployed in many ways for small or large enterprises.
  • JSoft solutions are highly adaptable with flexible configuration options so that they can be customized to meet specific needs or to facilitate new business requirements and services.

Other products and services from Jsoft


JSoft services overview

JSoft has been invovled in the development of a number of applications for telecommunications companies and suppliers including network management, auto activation, billing and CDR analysis for clients including Agilent Technologies, Vodafone and Digitel.