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By: Joomlabear  06-Dec-2011

The Joomulus Source code for AS3.
To set a font open the .fla file and find the dynamic text field, top right of the stage. Select it and go to properties (F3) here you can see your device fonts. Depending on the font you can also select which characters to embed. Not all fonts support all languages you'll need to research this yourself. Also be aware embedding thousands of characters crates a massive .swf file (Chinese language glyphs exported as 5MB). After setting the font here and selecting the glyphs to embed, open on line 59 you also need to define the font you selected (format.font = 'Arial';). It's now ready to export.

Roy Tank has done a nice job here with the 'tagcloud.xml'. If no flashvars are feeding the tags into the .swf it then looks for the tagcloud.xml. This file can be placed on your site in the same directory as the .swf. This way you can control the tag cloud manually and run it on any platform (plain .html sites or Drupal/Silver Stripe/Magento).

Have fun with it. Also let us no if you make a development you\'d like to share back with the community. Or just to show off your sweet tag cloud.

For support please use our forums. We will do our best to answer queries. But as the nature of Joomulus can get quite complex, we can't guarantee an answer.

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